19 hidden messages people never expect to find in these everyday items

19 hidden messages people never expect to find in these everyday items

One of the reasons I love Disney and Pixar movies so much is because I can watch them time and time again and pick up on little "Easter Eggs" the creators put into the film just for the fun of it. I mean, they don't add to the story in any way, they're literally just there for the fun of it - to keep the die-hard fans interested and intrigued. And this is now the same for the products we buy every day.

These days, designers and manufacturers will really go above and beyond to make sure the finished product is as polished as possible, adding some nice finishing touches to make their consumers smile. These little flourishes often include hidden messages and "easter eggs" within the product, and they're pretty damn hilarious.

So, without further ado, here are the best of the best...

1. Thank you for this revolutionary piece of parental guidance

Credit: Bored Panda

Who knows what could have happened without this very necessary addition to the label?

2. Who else noticed this water bottle has the shape of a mountain right at the bottom?

Credit: Reddit / Mazeltov_Col

It's a nice finishing touch, I must say.

3. The bottom of this coconut water

Credit: Reddit / SupermotoArchitect

For all the shameless peeping toms out there...

Speaking of hidden features, find out which secret Netflix codes unlock these hidden genres:

4. Ever heard of a smart ass wine box? Well, here it is...

Credit: Reddit / chemngineer

Uh yeah, no sh*t Sherlock, I was totally going to...

5. Another sassy clothing tag...

Credit: Imgur / bananarchy

Who comes up with this stuff?

6. Nothing better than playing tag with a sloth

Credit: Reddit / NoWeAreBothGreat

Sloths are slow AF... you'd have plenty of time to hide.

7. The footrest in this Jeep says "Sand Snow Rivers Rocks" in Morse Code

Credit: Reddit / accidentpronehiker

Just in case you were wondering...

8. This cute little message was hidden underneath a packet of candy

Credit: Reddit / Moedig25

Nothing better than being praised by your favorite candy. I like you too, wild strawberry, I like you too.

9. This raincoat reveals a floral pattern when it gets wet

Credit: Reddit / trashyfictions

What a lovely f*cking surprise!

10. Yet another label, this time inside a child's swim diaper

Credit: Reddit / a_shootin_sta

Well, I guess parents need all the laughs they can get, it's not an easy job...

11. On this pancake mix bag

Credit: Reddit / embc4-is-mine

Well, you must be psychic...

12. Family owned. Operated and argued over...

Credit: Reddit / BeefyRatio

Never noticed this on my beer before... guess I must have been too drunk.

13. How do they know I had a pet iguana? How do they know about cousin Danny?

Credit: Reddit / Death4Free

Guys, this is seriously creeping me out...

14. Erm, do I look like James Bourne to you?

Credit: Reddit / CyclistTravi

But thanks for the unexpected laughs, random firewire cable.

15. This helpful message underneath a circuit board

Credit: Reddit / jazzmonster

Ahh nerds, you gotta love them!

16. Wow, now there's a strong message if ever I saw one!

Credit: Reddit / sabrinachan13

And yes, it does make me feel like the f*cking princess I am.

17. Erm, I'm quite offended they think I need to be reminded not to slap pandas...

Credit: Reddit / kiwidesign

Still, if it's swayed at least one person against it, then it can only be a good thing, right?

18. So that's what keyboard knobs have been hiding this entire time?

Credit: Reddit / Deonteaus

Little smiley faces...

19. This label inside a suit pocket

Credit: Reddit / ErnestWorthing

Gee thanks Spencer, at least someone has my back...

I know exactly what I'm doing when I get back home; looking through everything I own to see if there are any nice, hidden messages to make me chuckle!