11 Photos of bats that prove they are the cutest things ever

Historically speaking, bats have had to endure something of a PR disaster. Bruce Wayne must take a portion of the blame for the lowly public approval rating of bats, his irrational fear turning a generation against the creatures, one cinema audience at a time.

There has always been the presumption of something ethereal, something other worldly about bats, thriving as they do in the dark and hanging - as they must - upside down. However, if you pause to look a little more closely, you'll realise that bats - yes, terrifying bats - are, in reality, some of the cutest things to ever exist. Not buying it? Have a look at these little beauties, then get back to me.

1. Snug as a bat in a cloth 

alt Credit: Reddit/Tamahfox

2. This little fella, who's just relaxing 

alt Credit: Reddit/PeteyPoo4631

3. Tiny newborn bats, smaller than a finger

alt Credit: Imgur/idontevenknowwhatiamdoinghere

4. Bat + watermelon = love 

alt Credit: Imgur/KateLappan

5. I'm ready for my close up!

alt Credit: Imgur/idontevenknowwhatiamdoinghere

6. I'm SO ready for my close up!

alt Credit: Imgur/dittidot

7. The most comfortable bat of all time


8. Just enjoying some milk 

alt Credit: Imgur/Babboos

9. Full body scrub, please 

alt Credit: Reddit/bobored

10. Bat ft. blankets and pacifier

alt Credit: Reddit/donuht

11. This bat, who is all of us

alt Credit: Imgur/Lisbear

Can we all agree that bats are, in actual fact, utterly adorable? Good. Tell the world; bats are cute, not creepy.