36 pictures of Mother Nature that left us wanting off this planet

36 pictures of Mother Nature that left us wanting off this planet

These days, the gruesome reality of nature is kept behind closed doors (that, or it's consigned to the great outdoors), but in the not so distant past, it wasn't uncommon to see corpses littering the street. But every so often we get a glimpse of the gruesome reality of being a biological organism and nowhere is that more apparent than in the Animal Kingdom.

Living beings have a remarkable ability to survive and they can adapt to their surroundings in ways that really do have to be seen to believed. While many of Mother Nature's feats are impressive, there are some which are worse than anything you'd see in a horror movie - and what makes them so terrifying is the fact that they are very much a reality.

To see some of Mother Nature's scariest feats for yourself, check out the video below:

Perhaps in days gone by these phenomena wouldn't have freaked us out so much, but now that we live in a world where everything from birth to death is sanitized, seeing nature laid bare can be more than a little startling. After all, few people in the modern world can even attest to having seen a dead body - let alone witness an animal eat itself alive!

So, without further ado, here are 40 pictures of the Animal Kingdom that made us say "NOPE"...

1. The wrap-around spider

Credit: Freddie83

I don't even need to explain how it got its name. All I'm saying is that if I accidentally touched one, I'd faint.

2. Seaweed in the waves

Credit: perc10

It looks like the tentacles of the Kraken and it would be enough to inspire me to run out of the water faster than Jack Sparrow.

3. Xylaria Polymorpha - otherwise known as Dead Man's Fingers

Credit: unknown_name

This fungus definitely doesn't look like a fun-gi...

4. This frog that ate a firefly

Credit: MindFlayer003

Hats off to you little guy for letting your little light shine... Even as you're being digested.

5. A very rock and roll puffer fish skeleton

Credit: Hdalby33

This looks like the kind of thing Marilyn Manson would have on his mantlepiece.

6. An arachnophobic's worst nightmare

Credit: Heanshii

But hey! Every cloud has a silver lining. Just pretend this little eight-legged freak is protecting you from malaria.

7. This looks like something straight out of the Bible

Credit: GucciKrane

Or one of Alfred Hitchcock's dreams.

8. The brutal reality of the circle of life

Credit: WoahitsWelker

Growing a plant out of a skull is a pretty badass use for a skeleton IMO.

9. This woman's toilet after a flood

Credit: everything-idiotic

If I was her, I'd turn it into a pond. That, or I'd invest in a very large net.

10. A dried up frog outside a store

Credit: 9999monkeys

When the frog was spotted by the manager, he said, "Let's try splashing some water on it." Remarkably, it came back to life!

11. This gives a whole new meaning to being "lit"

Credit: Bored Panda

This is making me want to go to an underwater disco...

12. Snapdragon seed pods

Credit: ericd420

Or, as they can be more accurately described, the skulls of the damned.

13. A scallop's eyes and teeth

Credit: Luke-HW

Now that's one creature I wouldn't want to accidentally step on in a rock pool.

14. A gecko casually eating its own tail...

Credit: HPLovecraft1890

In the Animal Kingdom, amputations aren't necessary when you're willing to eat your own flesh. It's disgustingly fascinating.

15. You'll never see an animal creepier than a hammerhead bat

Credit: AestheticPurrfection

"Look, Ma! A donkey bat!

16. Oh god. Can someone please set it on fire?!

Credit: Alphawolfdog

It looks like the bugs from Oogie Boogie's sack - even if it's just a bunch of insects trying to save themselves from drowning.

17. Why you should always check the toilet before pooping...

Credit: Meanwhile in Australia

I can think of few things worse than having my genitalia bitten by a giant snake. It'd be even worse if I was a man. Yikes!

18. The Clathrus Archeri fungus 

Credit: reddit.com

This gives a whole new meaning to the movie Little Shop of Horrors. DO NOT FEED THIS FUNGUS SEYMOUR!

19. This frog that caught a spider

Credit: Dan-68

Talk about biting off more than you can chew...

20. These plants that look like tiny hands

Credit: lnAParallelUniverse

"Do you want to go UP or DOWN?" Well, you have to wonder if it played some role in inspiring Labyrinth!

21. A deer skull that's been soaked in water for a year

Credit: callyshark

If this isn't intimidating, I don't know what is. It looks like something you'd see in a bar frequented by outlaws.

22. A leopard seal looking through a shoal of plankton

Credit: Bill Curtsinger

This looks like something straight out of a Disney movie - albeit one directed by Tim Burton.

23. This monstrosity that made an appearance during a home renovation

Credit: fingerbus

The homeowner who got close enough to take this picture is a lot braver than I'll ever be.

24. Acid spitting ants

Credit: Bored Panda

This is enough to put me off going into the great outdoors for life. I thought ants were harmless?!

25. An articulated cobra skeleton

Credit: beckhard

Whoever put this terrifying piece together must have had nerves of steel.

26. A black swallower that died attempting to eat a fish four times its size

Credit: Xavimoose

In its defense, the same thing could happen to anyone hungry enough at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

27. A lizard casually eating a cockroach alive

Credit: julifallesen

If I ever see a cockroach in my house (although I hope that never happens), I'm definitely getting a pet lizard.

28. This tree that wasn't going to let a statue stop it from growing

Credit: edward

On a first glance, it looks like there's a person trapped inside and that smile just makes it even creepier.

29. Legionary ants attacking a wasp honeycomb

Credit: boni_bo

They've formed a bridge with their bodies to defy gravity and I am both disturbed and impressed.

30. This poor fox that fell into a river

Credit: dacoster

And became entombed in Mother Nature's icy coffin.

31. A chameleon mummified alive in the sun

Credit: YoSoyUnPayaso

This poor little guy was so close and yet so far from the water he desperately needed.

32. A five-legged frog

Credit: brykupono

I wonder if it accidentally took a stroll into a radioactive pond.

33. A snake with a tick infestation

Credit: s18m

I think this is the first picture I've ever seen that's made me feel sorry for a snake.

34. This dolphin that caught a squid

Credit: Sumit316

I have no right to complain the next time a pen bursts in my hand.

35. The puffer fish that ended up in a tree after a storm

Credit: bassistmuzikman

"The answer my friend, is blowin’ in the wind."

36. Okay. I'm done. There are no words for this...

Credit: robster644

Who knew that snakes were living, breathing fishing rods?!

In short, the Animal Kingdom world is a simultaneously amazing and terrifying place and we should admire it for the spectacle it is. After all, if animals could see some of the feats we are able to carry out in the operating theatre (like face transplants), I think they'd be just as amazed and terrified as we are when we see the natural world laid bare.