30 Weird animal facts that will make you look at nature in a completely different way

30 Weird animal facts that will make you look at nature in a completely different way

It's hard not to love animals. When you watch a show like the BBC's recent sequel to the celebrated nature documentary, Blue Planet II, you can see how diverse the species on this planet are, and find plenty of hilarious (and sometimes heartbreaking) behaviours from across the world. However, there are some things these documentaries don't want you to know.

Not because they're too scary or because these outlets have a hidden agenda - but because animals are very, very weird, and some things are so bizarre and ridiculous it's hard to believe they're true. Once you finish this list, you likely won't see these animals in the same way ever again...

1. Blue whales have fart bubbles big enough to fit a horse

You can see a glimpse of one in this video:

2. The turkey is called 'India' in Turkey

It is also called 'Peru' in India, 'French Chicken' in Cambodia, and 'Dutch Chicken' in Malaysia.

turkey Credit: Pixabay

3. Sloths poop one-third of their body weight once a week

These lazy creatures take colossal dumps only once a week. It takes them so long to do so that they are extremely vulnerable to predators, with over half of sloth deaths occurring during this time.

sloth in tree Credit: Pixabay

4. Most male giraffes have gay sex

Apparently, male giraffes will court and caress other males more than females, with up to 94 percent of them engaging in male-on-male sex.

giraffe Credit: Pixabay

5. Baby elephants suck on their trunks for comfort

Just like our babies and children do with their thumbs.

baby elephant Credit: Pixabay

6. Crows have perfect memory

They can recognise individual human faces for their entire lives. Creepy...

crow on beach Credit: Pexels

7. Lobsters pee from their faces

These crustaceans not only pee from their faces, but the females pee on males to attract new mates. On top of this, males pee on each other's faces when they fight over females.

lobsters Credit: Pixabay

8. Bees fall asleep in flowers

They can get tired while gathering nectar.

9. Cows have no upper front teeth

It's not a pretty sight.

cow mouth Credit: Pixabay

10. Dogs lift their legs to pee so they look taller

The higher their scent reaches, the larger they look to other dogs who pick up on the scent.

dog peeing Credit: Getty

11. Yellowstone bears eat 40,000 moths a day

In the summer months, hundreds of thousands of moths hide in in dark crevices, where the bears burrow for them.

black bear Credit: Pixabay

12. Reindeer can see UV light

They are the only mammals that can do so, the enhanced vision giving them the ability to see polar bears against the snow and urine trails.

reindeer in snow Credit: Pexels

13. Manatees fart for mobility

They continuously fart to control their buoyancy.

manatee floating Credit: Pixabay

14. Male kangaroos flex for females

Flexing their muscles is a good way to attract mates, apparently.

15. Beavers used to be as big as bears

In the last Ice Age, they were as large as black bears, weighing up to 220 lbs.

beaver Credit: Pixabay

16. Some turtles breathe through their butts

Some species can absorb oxygen through the same system as the one they use to defecate.

turtle Credit: Pixabay

17. The Greenland Shark is the longest-living vertebrate

One female was estimated as being over 400 years old.

greenland shark Credit: Getty

18. Gorillas have tiny penises

While they are the largest primates, they have the smallest genitalia - at only 1.5 inches.

gorilla Credit: Pixabay

19. Iguanas can stop their own hearts to evade danger

Marine iguanas can stop their heartbeat to avoid being heard by predators.

iguana Credit: Pixabay

20. Wallabies will use their own young to escape predators

If they are being chased, the female wallaby will toss her young from her pouch to reduce her weight, and give the pursuing animal another meal to focus on.

wallaby Credit: Pixabay

21. Female ferrets will die if they don't get laid

While in heat, it's truly life-or-death for them.

wallaby Credit: Pixabay

22. An elephant can use its penis as a 'fifth leg'

It can use them to prop itself up, swat flies and scratch itches.

23. Dogs love reggae

Research has shown that dogs appreciate music and even have their own preferences. On the whole, reggae ranks as their general favourite.

dog Credit: Pexels

24. Squid can fight with detached limbs

The Octopotheuthis Deletron will embed its arm in a predator and detach it, letting its arm fight while it flees.

squid Credit: Getty

25. Female dragonflies fake their own deaths

They go for the dramatic route when avoiding unwanted sexual advances.

Credit: Pixabay

26. You're more likely to get bitten by a New Yorker than a shark

About 10 times more likely, to be exact.

shark Credit: Pixabay

27. Muriqui Monkeys love to hug

They often start days off with a group hug, then hug each other throughout the day to improve social bonds.

28. Brazilian Pygmy Geckos can walk on water

They are so small and light that they don't sink.

29. Pandas only want to have sex for a period of 48 hours every year

This is why it's so difficult for them to mate.

panda in tree Credit: Pixabay

30. When a rabbit is happy, it will jump in the air and twist

This is referred to as a 'binky'.

It turns out that the animal kingdom is even weirder than we initially thought. No way are you going to look at any of these creatures in quite the same way after reading this, but I am definitely going to blast out some reggae next time I'm fortunate enough to be spending time with a dog.