This dad caused outrage online after giving his horse bangs

This dad caused outrage online after giving his horse bangs

It's well known that people care much more about animals than their fellow humans. Just look at movies such as Marley & Me, or rather, any film that features animals and you'll notice that people won't so much as blink when in a sudden plot twist, the protagonist dies a grisly and gruesome death. If their sidekick, however, that is their Labrador suddenly dies of cancer, they'll be at the mercy of their unrelenting tears.

Whether you blame it on video games, increasingly violent films or a lack of censorship, one thing is for sure: there's something very painful about seeing the world's most vulnerable creatures in pain.

And given that we care so much about them, it comes as no surprise that us humans are incredibly passionate about how to care for our cats and dogs. This can come in many guises, including splashing out on extortionately priced dog chews, judging others for not treating their Pomeranian to such indulgent treats or becoming incredibly irate about someone's misjudged attempt to make your pet more comfortable.

The latter is exactly what happened when a well-intentioned father gave a horse named Sammy bangs after thinking that its hair was in its eyes.

Horse Credit: Buzzfeed

The Redditor who first posted the photo online offered an explanation for the unsolicited haircut. Matt Spencer stated that his father volunteers at the stable where Sammy lives and did not mean to hurt the animal by cutting its mane:

"According to my dad, he was cleaning out the stalls and he felt bad that the horse's hair was getting in his eyes, and honestly thought he was helping the horse out."

However, Matt Spencer's father quickly realised that something was wrong when he returned to the stables and saw the following note from the stable manger, Ellen:


"NO SCISSORS!! Ellen is not happy... 

"All horses will have manes, bridle paths and tails done by us from now on. 

"Thank you! 

"Elaine Ellen" 

horse Credit: Reddit

When the post went viral, the people of the internet had quite the reaction - the majority of which wasn't all too favourable for Matt's father.

After a local news outlet reported on the incident, the Facebook comments got rather heated. One user declared, "never ever in my life would I thank someone for doing anything to my horse without my permission unless it was a medical emergency and then I dang well better get a phone call or text asap," whilst another pondered "wait, did he cut the hair of a horse owned by another person? Or are they regulating the haircuts of the horses they board?"

Reddit, however, had a bit more of a sense of humour about the debacle, because after all, it was just a mistake...

Credit: Reddit

Well, what do you think? Is Matt Spencer's dad undeniably in the wrong, or should we cut him some slack for being misinformed? In any case, I think we now know to check with the pet's owner before doing anything drastic.