This man tried to catch a rat with his cat but failed miserably

This man tried to catch a rat with his cat but failed miserably

Cats are great for a lot of things, aren't they?

They're absolute living legends, the sassiest animals on earth, and they genuinely do not have time for any of your nonsense. While I am undoubtedly more of a dog man, I absolutely adore cats as well.

However, if there is one thing that cats are absolutely brilliant for, it's chasing unwanted rodents out of your home... or so you thought.

Credit: Pexels

When I had a cat (Rest In Power Meg), she was absolutely dynamite at getting rid of mice/rats/any other annoying creature that intruded in the house. Sometimes, when she was feeling extra nice, she would bring me the remains of the creature and leave it in my room for me for when I woke up, as some sort of disgusting present.

So when this young man had a rodent intruder in his bathroom, he did what all of us would do: he stuck his cat there to deal with it. But while you would think it would be a simple hunt, with the cat emerging victorious within a matter of seconds, what actually happened turned out to be one of the greatest videos that you will ever see on the internet.

I'm really not sure what's better; the reaction of the cat or the reaction of the boy? The screaming and shouting is completely insane, but the way the cat constantly scales the walls is incredible, if only for the parkour element alone.

Eventually it looks like the rat won this game of "cat and mouse" with the boy and his feline friend running out of the room (and the cat getting its head stuck in the door for further comical measure). You can hear the boy whimpering outside to someone else, most likely explaining the epic showdown which went down.

It's not the first time there has been hilarious footage of people trying to rid their homes on unwanted rodents, with this clever method actually working.

It's also not the only time a cat has come off worse when confronted with a rat.

In the footage below, you will see quite possibly the bravest rat in the world, taking on a group of cats and winning. The rat, which has been dubbed "ninja rat" shows no fear in the face of the cats and instead he charges at them, jumping all over them and causing all out carnage. It's an incredible display of bravery from the little thing, although the cats have come away looking pretty stupid.

Animals are the best, aren't they?

In our world of devastating climate change and potential nuclear warfare, we can always rely on our furry friends to provide us with entertainment that you just cannot find anywhere else. Although, next time I have an unexpected intruder in my house, I think I'll use a series of different buckets to deal with it rather than trust a cat.