No one can find the cat hiding in these pictures and Twitter is freaking out

Cats are like ninjas. They jump crazy distances and always land on their feet. They can disappear from your eyesight in an instant. And they use their amazing climbing skills to get absolutely everywhere in your house, even if it defies the laws of physics. "Oh, my cat will never make it up to the top of the bookcase." Think again, you fool! She's already there!

I don't have any cats, but my sister and my mom do, and it seems like they're endless sources of entertainment. Their faces have so many funny expressions and their behavior is so random and weird (talking about cats, not my sister and my mom). But out of all the games cats play, they are truly masters of hide and go seek. You think you're all alone in a room, and then - bam! You notice the cat, peeking out of some random spot, staring at you.

Cat Credit: Twitter

In New York City, writer-comedian Grace Spelman moved into a new apartment, and brought her own fur baby, Pierogi. Like most cats, Pierogi was excited to checkout the new digs, and determined to explore every possible space. Spelman noticed how adept Pierogi was at hiding, especially since her snowy white fur matches the walls.

"Where's Pierogi?" became a regular game, and one day Spelman decided to open it up to her Twitter followers. She posted pictures that, at first glance, look like an empty apartment. But if you look closely for a minute (or ten, or thirty) you can find the sneaky kitty.

It's a game that includes all the fun of having a cat, without any of the drawbacks, like cleaning out the litter box, constantly brushing hair off your clothes, and being randomly woken up with a sudden pounce on the head at three in the morning.

Spelman's Twitter followers went crazy trying to find Pierogi in this picture:

Where's Pierogi? #1

cat hiding Credit: Twitter

Give up? Come on, don't be lazy.

No, it's okay. I did, too. Here's where Pierogi is:

cat hiding Credit: Twitter

See? Pierogi might be only partially visible, or she might be covered in shadows, but she's always there, staring directly into your soul.

Here's four more pictures. See if you can find Pierogi. I mean, what else you going to do right now? Work at your job? That sounds incredibly boring. If your boss catches you looking at cat photos, just explain that this improves your coordination and focus or something.

Where's Pierogi? #2

cat hiding Credit: Twitter

Where's Pierogi? #3

cat hiding Credit: Twitter

Where's Pierogi? #4

cat hiding Credit: Twitter

Where's Pierogi? #5

cat hiding Credit: Twitter

In case you've given up, I'll help you out. In the second picture, check the doorway. In the third picture, check the box. In the fourth picture, check the cupboard. And in the fifth picture, check the mirror. If you found Pierogi in every picture without any help, congratulations! You win the grand prize of a sense of pride.

I've always thought if I got a pet, I'd get a dog. But I have to admit, cats seem pretty entertaining. Actually, I should go double check my apartment - and so should you - because clearly a cat could be hiding there, and you wouldn't even know it.