IKEA is trialling a line of pet furniture

IKEA is trialling a line of pet furniture

To non pet-owners, the way us animal-lovers treat our "fur babies" might sometimes come across as a little strange. We dote on them day and night, put up with their constant messes, and spend ludicrous amounts of money on toys which inevitably get destroyed after a day or two.

But for those of us who are familiar with how it feels to be a parent to a four-legged ball of fur, we also know that all that hassle is totally worth it. They might be trouble sometimes, sure, but they're also part of the family, and so really it's only appropriate to treat them the same as our friends and relatives.

IKEA have come to realise this - as well as the fact that there is a distinct gap in the market for pet-specific furniture. Or, at least, there used to be, because the Swedish company has stepped up to fill it.

cats on a shelf Credit: Marcus Hansen

Yes, you can now get a range of furniture especially designed for your cat or dog, and it's just as high quality as the rest of IKEA's stuff.

For cats, there are scratch mats that wrap around table legs, minimalist-looking end tables with a built-in nap pad, and cute little shelf-inserts that fit neatly into existing IKEA range furniture pieces.

Dogs, on the other hand, get to enjoy tiny sofas, luxurious beds (with a frame, of course), and a whole range of toys from balls to Frisbees.

On top of that, you can also purchase collars, leashes, bowls, harnesses and tons of other pet essentials, all with the classic chic IKEA aesthetic, of course.

cute animals cats dogs on ikea furniture Credit: Marcus Hansen

In a press kit, the designers of the range shared their enthusiasm for providing only the highest quality accessories for mutts and moggies:

"Have you ever felt like your cat or dog wasn’t just a pet but a member of the family? It’s exactly that focus that led IKEA to make the comprehensive LURVIG pet product range. Created by pet-loving designers with support from trained veterinarians, the range covers all the bases of our shared life with pets indoors and out, so you and your pet can enjoy your home together."

The company went to great lengths to ensure that the products were ergonomically suited to animals, so - even though they might just look like mini versions of regular, people-shaped furniture - you can rest assured that they'll be the best quality possible for Fluffy McFlufferson.

small dogs on sofa pet furniture ikea Credit: Marcus Hansen

Inma Bermudéz, who worked on the project to create pet-friendly furniture, explained in the press release that a lot of time and energy went into making the products safe, durable, and comfortable.

"Our pets have their own personalities but they have five things in common: they love sleeping, eating, playing and exercising, and being close to us," she said. "So these behaviors have been the first thing on our minds when designing these products."

So, if you're someone who wants your pet to be happy, but doesn't have the heart to tell them to get off the sofa or quit walking all over the shelves, why not invest in some furniture that's a little more suited to their personal needs? If nothing else, it'll be ridiculously cute.