These are 5 of the weirdest deep sea creatures you will ever be unfortunate enough to encounter

These are 5 of the weirdest deep sea creatures you will ever be unfortunate enough to encounter

In our 21st century, it can often feel as though there are no frontiers left to explore. All the Earth's forests are mapped, there's no Bigfoot, space is a big abyss of gas and dust - where's the mystery? Well, our very own oceans, the watery world that surrounds us for every second of our lives, are absolutely teeming with undiscovered life.

Less than 5% of the Earth's oceans have been mapped, and that almost certainly means that are undiscovered species deep beneath our feet, off the shores of our countries, waiting to be found. Here are some of the strangest sea creatures we've discovered so far.

Credit: Deep Sea News

1. The bigfin squid

This is one of the most obscure squids alive in the ocean. It was videotaped for the first time in 1988, but clear footage did not become available until 2001. It was unique among the cephalopods, with two enormous fins like wide elephant ears, and a series of extremely long spindling legs like spaghetti noodles.

It truly looks alien. Not much is known about it, either. Some scientists believe it feeds by raking its insanely long tentacles along the sea floor, but nobody is certain. They can be up to 23 feet long, and live in the deep dark of the sea, below 4,000 feet.

2. The peacock mantis shrimp

This cute, kaleidoscopic shrimp is beautiful but terrifying. Their eyes are better than a human being's, seeing over ten times more color than us, along with ultraviolet light. They can also kick your butt. Or, box you out. Their punches move at insane speeds of 50 miles per hour. That's right, little 7-inch shrimp can punch harder than you. Getting punched by this shrimp is like getting shot with a .22 caliber handgun. Absolutely mad.

Crazy to think that you could get beat up by a shrimp, isn't it? This beautiful little creature lives in the warm waters around Africa and India, and it isn't even rare. You could keep one as a pet, just as long as you buy bulletproof glass to house it in.

Credit: Top 5s

3. Giant Isopod

Our next creature looks like a pillbug, but is in fact a gigantic crustacean that lives buried deep in the mud at the bottom of the ocean. Certain deep sea creatures grow to be enormous, such as squids and tube worms, and this giant is no exception. Some can get up to two feet long, and they eat meat as well. They'll eat fish, including dogfish sharks. They're also crazy tough - one giant isopod in captivity went 5 years without eating a single time.

Credit: YouTube

4. The mimic octopus 

This octopus, only discovered in 1998, doesn't just copy the color of its surroundings - it can copy the color and shape of any fish that swims near it. Its body is insanely flexible, so it can twist itself into crazy shapes and appear invisible amongst schools of fish, or mimic the appearance of a poisonous lionfish to ward off predators. They are extremely intelligent, and this video speaks for itself:

5. The frilled shark

Another deep-sea monster, this shark lives in depths of well over 4,000 feet, and has a mouth filled with 26 rows of teeth, perfect for eating octopus and small fish. It looks like an eel mixed with a prehistoric monster, and has been found in Australia and Japan. They can be about 6 feet long, and they often die outside of the dark deep ocean, though some have been kept alive in shallow waters for a short time. They're very rare, and take up to three years to give birth to children. I hope they won't die out in our lifetime.

Credit: Pinterest

What other insanely unique and creative creatures exist in our world's oceans? Only time will tell. But there are certainly thousands of species out there waiting to be discovered. Feels adventurous, doesn't it?