Baby Dolphin Dies After People At The Beach Pulled It Out To Take Pictures 

Baby Dolphin Dies After People At The Beach Pulled It Out To Take Pictures 

Sometimes it is really hard not to hate humans, isn't it?

I don't know what it is about us, but we seem dead set on ruining everything that is nice in the world, and in particular, nature. There should be a rule when it comes to nature: enjoy it, experience it, but for god's sake, don't tamper with it! Just leave it. Let nature exist alongside us, without sticking our fingers in and messing with it.

However, clearly these values are not shared by everyone, particularly this group of beachgoers in Mojácar, southern Spain. When a young female dolphin was separated from its mother and was left stranded in muddy waters, this bunch of idiots decided it would be a good idea to take the dolphin out of the sea and have some photos with it. Why would they do that? I hear you ask. Because, quite simply: they are not good people.

Baby-dolphin-killed-spain Credit: SOLARPIX

It doesn't take a genius to know that dolphins can not survive for very long once they are out of water, so by taking a dolphin out of the ocean, you are putting its life in danger.

However, that is exactly what this group did, and by the time news of the discovery reached animal exerts, the dolphin was already dead. The man in the picture below, wearing the turquoise shorts, is a member of Equinac, who protect local marine wildlife in the area. He said that the dolphin had been returned to the sea after it had died.

Baby-Dolphin-Killed Credit: SOLARPIX

The group released a statement on their Facebook page, warning people about the dangers of taking animals out of the water, and asking for the "respect and consideration" of nature. The English translation of the statement, roughly reads:

"Cetaceans are animals, very susceptible to stress. Manipulating them, to take pictures and touch them, causes them a very strong shock that accelerates a failure, to a large extent.

"112 (Spanish emergency services) should have been notified. You should not to rush to take pictures of a frightened and weak dolphin cub. People have been doing this for many years and it happens in 100 percent of beaches.

Dead-Dolphin-Spain Credit: SOLARPIX

"Finally, let us remind everyone that these animals are highly protected; to disturb them, to harm them, to manipulate them is prohibited by law, and we always ask for respect and consideration."

Unsurprisingly, users of social media aren't too happy with the people involved, with them being labelled as "idiots" and "narcissistic" on Twitter and other social networking sites.

Dolphin-Killed-Spanish-Beach Credit: SOLARPIX

Sadly, this isn't the first incident of this kind to have taken place recently. There was also a similar occurrence earlier this year, when a young dolphin was dragged out of the water in South America and used for photos by beachgoers. Again, the dolphin died as the result of people's vanity, and was put back in the ocean once it had stopped breathing.

So, if there's a lesson to take home with you today, it is this: marine wildlife belongs in water, so don't pull it out of said water unless you have a legitimate reason. And no, taking a selfie is not a legitimate reason I'm afraid.