Disturbing footage shows man beating dog

Disturbing footage shows man beating dog

Dogs are referred to as man's best friend, cats are beloved by the internet writ large and just about every other furry creature has its own Instagram account and following in this age of social media that we live in. Certainly, whether it's a perfect chocolate Labrador performing party tricks or an incredibly grumpy cat showing shade at anything that passes it by, the people of the internet are enamoured and continue to follow, like and share every offering.

So when we witness or hear about an act of cruelty against our little companions, we can't help but feel incredibly incensed. An unfortunate example of this occurred last week, when a man was filmed while he repeatedly hit a confused dog around the face for not being able to learn the alphabet.

Yes, there are some absolutely terrible human beings in the world.

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In a video which has since been removed from YouTube, a man is shown attempting to teach a canine how to recite the alphabet. While it's unknown why someone would take on such a fruitless endeavour, the man seemed absolutely nonplussed about the fact that the dog was unable to read his "ABC's".

The man then proceeded to get physical with the dog, slapping it on its jaw while shouting abuse. With his other hand, he grabbed the dog's paw and tried to wrap it around a pencil, attempting to force the dog to write.

The clearly perplexed animal obviously fails to do what the man asks, and in order to make the dog pay attention the man proceeds to slap the dog once again.

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The poor animal tried to retaliate by opening its jaws and baring its teeth at his tormenter, but the man just continued to hit the animal whilst shouting and repeatedly pointing at a notebook.

The video first made the rounds on social media in India, and the initial reaction was bizarrely rather positive, with viewers claiming that the clip was "funny".

However, once the now-removed video reached YouTube, viewers were disgusted by the display of animal cruelty. One user wrote, "I want to know who this guy is hitting the dog, this is a horrible video," while others called for the man to be identified and dealt with by the appropriate authorities.

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Director of PETA UK, Lisa Allen, issued the following statement in response to the disturbing footage:

"This man is a coward and a bully who viciously slapped and upset a dog simply to assert his own pathetic idea of dominance. The rise of smartphone technology and social media has given twisted individuals such as this one some fleeting viral fame. PETA urges authorities to use the same technology to ensure that this man’s deliberate and cruel attack on “man’s best friend” sees him charged and convicted under the law before his feelings of inadequacy take an even greater toll."

And a spokesperson for the RSPCA corroborated, "Sadly, a lot of people think it’s funny to share pictures and videos online of animal cruelty and abuse. However, many people are not prepared to accept the things they see online and are quick to report videos like this to organisations, such as the RSPCA, and we applaud them for standing up against animal cruelty."

We can only hope that the man in question is dealt with rapidly. Animal cruelty in any form should never be tolerated, let alone be available to be viewed on social media.