Fisherman shows off bizarre 'mutant alien' catches from the depths of the ocean

Fisherman shows off bizarre 'mutant alien' catches from the depths of the ocean

Anyone who says that monsters don't exist has clearly never seen the sorts of creatures that live in the deepest, darkest parts of the ocean. With little-to-no light, strange diets, and a need for weird defense systems to ward off even weirder predators, the animals that live in the watery expanse of Planet Earth have evolved in a wildly different way to the ones that live up top - and they look pretty freaky because of it.

Roman Fyodorov, a fisherman from Russia, is one of a few people to actually see the strange offerings of the ocean for himself, as he frequently catches them in his net while trawling for "regular" fish.

Years ago, the kinds of things he has seen would be written off as a typical "I caught a fish this big" sort of story; but now, thanks to Instagram, he is able to share all his weird and wonderful findings with the rest of the internet. Here's just a small selection of what Fyodorov has encountered...

1. This toothy-grinned guy

2. This bug-eyed beauty

3. This prickly-looking character

4. This nightmare of a sea spider

5. This yellow-eyed dragon

6. These nosey chums

7. This Xenomorph doppelganger

8. This grumpy geezer

9. This actual goblin

10. This dorky fella 

11. These adorable living rocks

12. This amazing giant

13. This real-life vampire

14. This mystical blob

15. This incredibly stylish lad

So next time you hear someone say that monsters aren't real, just show them a few of Fyodorov's snaps. I guarantee it'll change their mind.