Footage shows daredevil models swim in crocodile-infested waters for photoshoot

Footage shows daredevil models swim in crocodile-infested waters for photoshoot

In order to make your mark these days, you really have to be quite "out there". It's not enough just to have a slightly artsy hairstyle or to drive one of those fancy-looking classic cars; instead, you need a sleeve full of obscure tattoos, some kind of unnecessarily exotic pet, and a name like "Apple" or "CtrlAltDelete".

And the same can be said for the modelling world.

Whatever standard photoshoot you can think of, it's been done before. On a skyscraper? Done. In the middle of a storm? Done. Beside the sea? Done, done, a million times DONE.

But what about in the sea? Not just any sea, though, but crocodile-infested waters.

Well, it may sound crazy, but that's exactly what one group of models did in order to get the perfect glamour shots.

Ken Keifer, a photographer, took two models - one of whom was his wife, Kimber - to the Reserva de la Biosfera Banco Chinchorro in Mexico in order to get some (literally) fierce shots of them swimming with crocs.

"Kimber had wanted to try this for a few years and we made the journey a couple of times before the situation was right for an attempt," Keifer explained.

The vicious creatures were lured out using lionfish, and the models were then accompanied by experienced divers in order to approach them. Very carefully, they positioned themselves near the huge reptilian beasts, making sure not to get too close for fear of agitating them.

And the photos are stunning.

Keifer also managed to get some astounding footage from the shoot, which he posted on his Instagram page:

A quick look through the photographer's and models' social media feeds shows that they are no strangers to the occasional bit of underwater danger, however, and have previously worked with stingrays, sharks, and a whole host of other potentially-vicious animals.

So, if you really want to stand out from the crowd, take a leaf from these guys' books and get yourself a photoshoot with a man-eating predator. Or, you know, stick to the safe route and get a nose ring or something. You might not look as cool, but at least you can guarantee that all your limbs will stay intact.