Man builds a bedroom under the stairs for his dog

Man builds a bedroom under the stairs for his dog

The dog my family had during my childhood never really had his own space. Sure, he had his own dog basket to sleep in, as well as a rug he liked to stretch and relax on - but these things weren't in his own private area. They were in corners of rooms, and not just any rooms - but likely the most used rooms in the entire house.

He would wake up in the morning at the edge of the kitchen and have to dodge incoming family members making tea, coffee, and breakfast over his head. And his naps on the rug couldn't have been too relaxing with people stepping over him constantly to get by, or loudly watching TV nearby just when he was having a nice dream.

It all sounds a little stressful to be honest. While dogs are maybe the most likely species on Earth to be happy with this situation, you would think that our obsession with dogs would extend to letting them have their own room. Somewhere where they can have their own privacy isn't too much to ask, given how much joy they bring to our lives.

DIY room Credit: Twitter

Though it's not as if we all have an entire room to spare, and transforming it into a bedroom for a dog might not be at the top of the list. Maybe those living in huge spacious mansions with more rooms than they could possibly need can do this easily, or even give an entire wing of their home to the dog, but what about the rest of us?

This one Twitter user posted a solution. His brother, seemingly a bit of a do it yourself enthusiast, built his dog a room under the stairs. The small dog has enough room to walk around, and even has his own decor to go with the newfound privacy.

Al's tweet revealed that his brother had cleared out a section under the stairs, placed down wooden floorboards, painted walls, and a ceiling light. There the dog can chill out, with his bed placed neatly inside and his food and water bowl nearby. He even has pictures hung up on the walls around him as the finishing touch, so he can look back on his memories.

The tweet has now gone viral, amassing over 120,000 retweets and 344,000 likes, and it's easy to see why. This little room is as efficient as it is adorable, and the internet came out in full support of it.

And many pointed out that the room isn't too bad considering the housing market

One user discovered there is a white dog in one of the wall photos, who is noticeably missing:

And Al had the unfortunate reply we were all expecting but hoping not to hear:

But while that dog has unfortunately passed away, his memory is ever-present on the wall of this new room. And doesn't it look cosy?