'Radical' vegan breaks into slaughterhouse and chains herself next to calf

'Radical' vegan breaks into slaughterhouse and chains herself next to calf

In recent years, an increasing number of people have been adopting a vegan lifestyle in order to avoid harming animals and the environment. To vegans, the idea of killing and using animals for food is despicable, especially considering the number of alternatives to meat and animal products now available.

The fact is we do show preferential treatment to some animals over others. I mean, don't you find it bizarre how we only eat certain animals, but will often outright refuse to even try others? If you really think about it, most of us will go through life only opting for chicken, beef, pork, lamb, and turkey.

While there are all sorts of valid arguments for veganism, some vegans are more militant than others when it comes to getting their point across. From publically shaming mothers who buy their children ice cream to protesting outside butcher shops, certain vegans will do anything to show people they mean business.

Vegans like 23-year-old animal rights activist, Alix Livingstone, from Melbourne, Australia.

She has shared footage she shot while in an abattoir comforting a calf that was about to be slaughtered:

Livingstone broke into the Benalla slaughterhouse in Victoria and chained herself to the railings near the young calves. But she wasn't alone - another activist went as far as shackling herself to one of the two baby cows in a futile effort to save it.

Staff at the slaughterhouse informed the activists in no uncertain terms that they would be removed forcibly if they didn't leave the premises of their own volition. Livingstone tried her best to fight to secure the release of the two calves but her attempts were unsuccessful. She went onto explain that the calves were killed just hours later.

The two calves were taken from their mothers when they were just 30 days old. Livingstone works for Aussie Farms as an investigator and tries to tries bring attention to the awful conditions that animals in the meat industry are forced to endure.

Credit: Alix Livingstone

She has a Facebook page called Alix the Vegan where she shared the above video. On the page she writes:

"I am a Melbourne based Animal Liberation Activist, working alongside the animals and other dedicated activists to try and help bring to an end the exploitation of animals for food, clothing, entertainment, and experimentation."

"My goal is to help educate and raise awareness about the ways in which we use animals by exposing people to the truth of these industries."

Having taken inspiration from the activism of her fellow vegans, Livingstone decided to adopt this animal-friendly lifestyle about two years ago.

She continued: "I get to know them as individuals and it's heartbreaking to know their fate if they are not going to be rescued."

Credit: Alix Livingstone

"I was inspired by other activists I saw online. I felt I needed to do more than just being vegan. I needed to join the fight for animal liberation."

Livingstone is hoping that one day the majority of people will have come around to fully embracing the vegan lifestyle and doesn't understand why so many people stubbornly cling to their meat-eating ways.

Credit: Alix Livingstone

She added: "Veganism is not causing harm to the most vulnerable creatures on the planet, showing compassion and being kind to all sentient beings."

"I hope that those who have not yet made the connection will soon realize that even though they are different, they share the ability to suffer, feel love and joy."

It is pretty clear how much animals and their welfare mean to Alix Livingstone. The video highlights just how distraught she is at the prospect of the calf she is cuddling with being killed without a second thought.

If we are to progress as a society, we need to be able to listen to other people's points of view on ethical matters. Do you think veganism is the way forward? Let us know in the comments section.