Woman claims she found two foot snake inside Walmart toilet paper

Woman claims she found two foot snake inside Walmart toilet paper

Snakes are interesting enough to observe from a comfortable distance: behind thick glass at the zoo's reptile house, starring in a nature documentary alongside Sir David Attenborough's superb voice, or inside a colourful plastic bag surrounded by milk teeth, gummybears and other jelly candies. But within the walls of your own home? No thank you.

A woman from New Jersey brought an unexpected guest back from an otherwise normal shopping trip to her local Walmart. After unpacking her new purchases back at home, grandmother Lisa Gallo says a black, two-foot-long snake slithered out of a 12-pack of toilet paper inside the house.

She'd left the Angel Soft bundle next to the front door in her foyer, and initially grabbed a few rolls to put in the bathroom. Later, she returned to pack away the rest of the TP only to notice something black on the floor. "I thought it was just the bottom of the door, the rubber part, but it was longer than that," she recalled.

angel soft toilet paper Credit: Facebook

"So, I walked closer and the freakin' thing moved. 'Oh my God! It's a snake!' I yelled. I never had a snake in the house before but this thing was just sitting there. When I reached over to open the door, it stuck its tongue out. It hissed at me!"

She immediately called her husband to tell him about the unwanted visitor in their home. He told her to call animal control to capture the snake, but Lisa felt there wasn't enough time.

So, like the brave grandmother she was – protecting her 2-year-old granddaughter, an elderly dog and a young cat who were also in the home – Lisa grabbed a broom and stood before the intruder. She supposedly persuaded the snake out of the door with the broom handle: "I got that big broom and shoved the thing twice. It slithered out the door and it was gone after that."

It was a bold move but perhaps not the smartest, considering she didn't know the species of snake and whether it was venomous or not: "I looked online trying to find New Jersey snakes that it looked like and didn't find anything." Lisa was unable to take photos during the mania.

“She was panicking," said Lisa's son Mark, who was away playing golf at the time of the incident. "She was more concerned about getting it out of the house before someone got bit.”

It remains a mystery of how exactly the foreign snake came to be inside the house, but Lisa insists the snake came from the Angel Soft package: "I don't know how, I don't know where, but that's my story. That little sucker came in with the toilet paper."

walmart use Credit: Getty

Mark said they called Walmart to tell them about the situation, who at first simply offered a measly $10 refund. A Walmart spokesperson later said they were addressing the alleged issue by speaking with the company who owns Angel Soft, Georgia-Pacific.

“We’re not passing the buck at all, but when those products come into the store, they’re vacuum-sealed and boxed,” the spokesperson said. A senior communications officer for Georgia-Pacific said they hadn't heard about the incident, and want to talk to the Gallos about the bizarre incident.

While Lisa is convinced that the snake came in with the toilet paper, it makes you wonder if a reptile could really survive in vacuum-seal plastic packaging and endure time spent in storage, transport and shelf-life at Walmart before being picked up and driven to someone's home. Sounds like one thick-skinned snake and a feisty, broom-swinging grandma.