Pregnant dog gets amazing baby shower

For those of you who don't know, a baby shower is a celebration of the upcoming birth of a child. It's a common tradition in the United States, and is usually a woman-only affair, as the expecting mother is showered with baby-related gifts by her close friends and family.

It's not just an American tradition, however, as you can find similar events held across the globe. Though similar celebrations are held all over the world, they are often different in a few different ways - for instance, in China the 'manyue' is held one month after the baby is born, whereas in Bangladesh the 'sadh' happens in the 7th month of pregnancy, where the mother moves to her parents' house until birth.

Dog at baby shower Credit: Twitter

But one thing that's fairly common across all of these countries and cultures is that it remains an affair only attended by women, which means I likely won't get to see one of these in my lifetime - at least, not with a human. Because as I have learned today, you don't have to be of the same species to celebrate a baby shower. You could, in fact, be a dog.

Dog-owner Gisselle O. Suarez held a baby shower for her lovable pet last week, celebrating her pregnancy in a way dogs tend not to organise themselves. Her dog is a pit bull named Winter, and seemed to delight in the festivities as much as any mother would.

You can see Winter was treated to a wonderful array of presents, like the real star of a baby shower celebration should be. And to make things even better, she received these gifts at the most romantic of locations: the beach.

Dog at baby shower Credit: Twitter

I doubt that all those delicious looking sandwiches were intended for the pregnant doggo, but hopefully Winter managed to snatch one to quell her hunger - after all, she's not eating for one, or even two - but a whole litter of pups that'll soon make their way into the world.

Dog at baby shower Credit: Twitter

These photos were shared on Twitter along with the caption: "Yes, we did throw her a baby shower". And, of course, the photos went viral, gaining 54,000 retweets and over 150,000 likes. Who doesn't want to see a dog's baby shower? Whoever doesn't should fear the wrath of Twitter, who came out in droves to support the celebration and bask in its cuteness.

And some couldn't resist making a Game of Thrones joke or two based on Winter's name

Pregnancy isn't all fun and games, and this particular doggo needed something like this as much as any other

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If you need even more cuteness in your life, you may want to attend your own canine baby shower in the future. But until that invite comes in the mail, check out the heartwarming Judge Judy episode where a stolen dog was reunited with its owner.