Twitter is in in love with hero dog who has saved dozens of lives in Mexico

Twitter is in in love with hero dog who has saved dozens of lives in Mexico

In times of strife, heroes can emerge from the most unlikely of places.

History is littered with examples of this; seemingly innocuous individuals performing extraordinary acts of bravery and kindness in the face of unthinkable adversity. Heroic behavior is borne out of tragic circumstance; a hero reveals the best of themselves when the situation appears most bleak, most fraught, most desperate.

Unfortunately, the last several weeks have been characterised thus for countless individuals around the world, whose lives have been blighted by natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes and flooding. In such times it is easy to feel helpless; after all, what man made structure can with stand the terrible tempestuous fury of mother nature at the height of her powers?

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The events of the last few weeks have been a stark reminder of just how totally we remain at the mercy of mother nature. Houses have been destroyed, infrastructure decimated and people left without their worldly possessions and no real blueprint to follow to get their lives back on track.

But just because the fury of nature knows no bounds and no master doesn't mean that we shouldn't attempt to rail against its tumultuous devastation.

The stories of heroic acts have been many and gratifying to read amongst the wreckage left behind by the tempests that have blighted the Caribbean and the earthquake that rocked Mexico, and now, the story of one entirely unlikely hero has captured the imaginations of internet users everywhere.

Meet Frida, the rescue dog who is thought to have saved some 52 people in Mexico over the course of her admirable career

Frida is the hero we all need right now; this Twitter user says that the pooch has already saved 12 people after the recent earthquake, all while rocking some pretty stylish goggles

Frida has really captured the imaginations of her adoring public.

The We Rate Dogs Twitter account appeared particularly blown away by Frida, writing on their Twitter page, "Meet Frida. She's in the search & rescue division of the Mexican Navy along with two German shepherds. Sadly, she's been busy lately. 14/10"

The LA Times reports that Frida's handler, Israel Arauz Salinas had said that the heroic pooch had been left exhausted by her search and rescue efforts this week, but after a long nap and some water with electrolytes in it, she was good to go again.

Explaining the process behind the role of dogs like Frida in search and rescue situations, Salinas described how the animal will bark should they detect signs of life, whereas if they find a dead body, they will "act afraid" he says, "That indicates to us that there is a cadaver."

The work of Frida and other search and rescue dogs is invaluable to the saving of human lives; further proof, as if any were really needed, that dogs truly are man's best friend.