15 Awfully named products that will make you question humanity's intelligence

15 Awfully named products that will make you question humanity's intelligence

Plagued with some convoluted and downright nonsensical grammatical and spelling rules, the English language is notoriously difficult to learn. I mean, without some heavy-duty proofing, you could fall victim to embarrassing yourself in an important work email on account of a rogue apostrophe or semicolon, and really... who needs that?

However, occasionally, just occasionally, something beautiful comes out of humankind's carelessness with words. Cue, 15 of the absolute worst product names ever - they'll really make you question some people's intelligence, that is, when you're done giggling of course.

1. I don't think this is what they were going for... 

Credit: Pinterest

2. *Crawls into a hole* 

Credit: Flickr

3. No woman needs "Nad's" in their lives... 

Credit: Boots.com

4. I mean, we know IKEA is a Swedish company but come on! 

Credit: Pinterest

5. This is clearly a very popular music player among the American police force 

Credit: Twitter

6. Why is there a cheese grater on this box of "rape"? 

Credit: Dribbleglass.com

7. You don't need to tell me again 

Credit: Amazon.com

8. Some people prefer to lay their cards on the table... 

Credit: ChessUSA

9. "For a 'goo-goo, gah-gah' baby!"

Credit: Amazon.com

10. Kudos to them for spelling it out 

Credit: Facebook

11. Oops

Credit: eBay

12. You don't want to overdo it with these 

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13. Just what kind of breeze are they talking about?! 

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14. I have no words 

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15. Right, I'm out of here 

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Well there you have it, it's safe to say that some people really have a way with words... you know, in the absolutely wrong sense.