15 most bizarre superheroes you never knew existed

15 most bizarre superheroes you never knew existed

Superheroes are pretty much dominating the movies nowadays. Last year four of the top 10 highest grossing films in the world starred such characters, and 2017 will see 7 more additions to the sub-genre. By this point in time we are seeing more and more obscure characters be adapted for the movies. But even with these introductions, there are plenty of superheroes that have appeared over the years that are truly weird, and will likely never make it to the big screen.

1. Arm-Fall-Off-Boy

Also known as Floyd Belkin of the planet Lallor, Arm-Fall-Off-Boy has the ability to detach his limbs, which he can then use as blunt weapons. He was later renamed Splitter, and applied to be part of the Legion of Super-Heroes, but was denied membership.

arm-fall-off-boy Credit: DC Comics

2. Big Bertha

Big Bertha is supermodel Ashley Crawford by day, but at night she fights crime using her power to add hundreds of pounds of fat to her frame, making herself super-strong and nearly invulnerable. In what was a pretty damn offensive idea when you think about it, Ashley returns to her normal form by throwing up.

Big Bertha superhero Credit: Marvel Comics

3. Squirrel Girl

With superhuman strength, agility, 'knuckle spikes' and a four-foot tail, Squirrel Girl sounds pretty fearsome. But wait until you hear about her greatest power: the ability to talk to squirrels. Funnily enough, Squirrel Girl is making her live action debut in the comedy TV show New Warriors, which is set to be out in 2018.

Squirrel Girl Credit: Marvel Comics

4. Color Kid

Ulu Vakk of the planet Lupra, was struck by a beam of multi-coloured light from another dimension during a science experiment. Now he has the ability to alter the colour of any object, though it's not the most useful of powers for a superhero.

Color Kid Credit: DC Comics

5. Matter Eater Lad

Matter-Eater Lad is from the planet Bismoll, where the populace has evolved to eat anything in order to survive. The power he brings to the table in the fight against crime is the ability to consume any substance in any amount at super-speed, once even hollowing out a meteor in a few minutes.

Matter-Eater Lad Credit: DC Comics

6. Ambush Bug

The alien Brum-El sent clothes from his doomed planet, hoping that his wardrobe would survive. After being intercepted by a giant radioactive space spider, only two articles remained - the Ambush Bug suit, and an evil sock. The suit was found by Irwin Schwab, giving him the powers of teleportation, which he uses to fight his arch-enemy 'Argh!Yle!', the aforementioned sock. Irwin also has severe mental problems and is fully aware he's in a comic.

Ambush bug Credit: Warner Bros.

7. Red Bee

Rick Raleigh may be Superior City's District Attorney, but he also takes on crime under the guise of Red Bee. With a swarm of trained bees stored in his belt, he unleashes them on criminals to incapacitate them.

Red Bee Credit: Quality Comics

8. Bouncing Boy

Bouncing Boy debuted in 1961, where he gained his powers through an accident. The young Chuck Taine drank an experimental super-plastic formula that he believed was a soda. The serum gave him the power to inflate his body like a ball and bounce around, impervious to damage.

Bouncing Boy Credit: DC Comics

9. Combo Man

Product of an ill-advised licensing deal with Combos Baked Snacks, Combo Man was a teenager with the powers of 14 different Marvel characters. Rick Wilder was caught up in an accidental explosion in a science lab while carrying both combos and a selection of comic books. As you can see he has the Hulk's haircut, the knees of the human torch, and the cosmic power of the silver surfer in his shins.

Combo Man marvel Credit: Marvel Comics / Mars Inc.

10. Manikin

Manikin is able to summon three of his genetic relatives from various points in human evolution. There's Highbrow, a future descendant with high intellect and the power of teleportation; Ape-Man, a pre-human creature with great strength; and Proto, a glob of primeval goo capable of corroding substances with acid.

manikin superhero Credit: Marvel Comics

11. Skateman

Billy Moon is a martial arts expert and Vietnam vet who found a career in roller derby. After the murder of his best friend by a biker gang, and some inspiration from a child's comic book collection, Billy takes on the guise of Skateman to fight crime with his roller skates.

skateman superhero Credit: Pacific Comics

12. NFL Superpro

Phil Grayfield wears a near-indestructible American Football uniform, fighting crime as 'SuperPro'. His villains include the likes of Sanction and Quick Kick, though my favourite is Instant Replay, who has the ability to travel short distances through time. The writer has since admitted he took the gig to gain free NFL tickets.

NFL SuperPro Credit: Marvel Comics

13. Almighty Dollar

J. Pennington Pennypacker was a regular accountant until an evil scientist gave him the power to shoot torrents of pennies from his hands. He first appeared in SuperPro's comic as part of a team called 'The Happy Campers'.

Almighty Dollar superhero Credit: Marvel Comics

14. Throg

Simon Walterson was turned into a frog by a witch. Years later, after being inducted into a tribe of amphibians in Central Park as 'Puddlegulp', he came into contact with Thor. When Toothgnasher (Thor's mystical goat) chipped off a sliver of Thor's hammer, Puddlegulp lifted it and was granted the power of Thor... the frog version.

Thor frog Credit: Marvel Comics

15. Beppo the Super-Monkey

You may have heard of Krypto the super-dog, but it's unlikely you heard of the ape that hitched a ride on baby Clark Kent's rocket as he escaped his doomed planet. Despite having the powers of Superman, he was scared by 4th July fireworks, fleeing the planet.

Beppo the super monkey Credit: DC Comics

If you thought this list was weird, trust me, I'm only scratching the surface of the insanity. Comic books have led to hundreds of bizarre creations over the years, though it's unlikely we will see Beppo make it to the big screen any time soon.