15 pictures of holes that'll trigger your worst nightmares

15 pictures of holes that'll trigger your worst nightmares

As we all know, there are countless phobias in our world. Some of them are pretty standard, like the fear of death, AKA thanatophobia, or arachnophobia, AKA the fear of spiders.

However, the immeasurably long list of phobias does get very specific and somewhat ridiculous. Ergophobia, for instance, is the fear of work or finding employment. And chaetophobia is the fear of hair...

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Yes, as it turns out our world is filled with things that cause us anxiety, often irrational anxiety. And as irrational fears go, there are few as extraordinary as 'trypophobia'.

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Yep, trypophobia is basically the fear of small holes or bumps clustered together. So if you think you may have this phobia, you should probably refrain from scrolling down because the following pics are any trypophobic's worst nightmare.

1. So we've all wanted to know the answer to the age-old mystery...

 "What does dough look like on the inside?" Well, as luck would have it...

Credit: Reptar313 / reddit.com

Yeah... it's not the kind of dough I want to be rolling in. Yikes!

2. The process of a hair transplant in all its gory, I mean glory...

Credit: UglyMedievalBaby / reddit.com

It looks like his head has been attacked by a thousand pins and needles.

3. Watermelons don't look quite so refreshing now, do they?

Credit: LaTalpa123 / i.imgur.com

Imma get my Vitamin B elsewhere...

4. Why does this tree trunk look like it was made from hundreds of monstrous eyeballs?

Credit: dirthawker0 / reddit.com

Does anyone else feel like they're being watched?

5. We've got ourselves into a right pickle now

Credit: Jaximumpower / reddit.com

I've always hated those good-for-nothing pickles. First, they ruin my In-N-Out burger, now they want to make my eyes bleed? Nahhh...

6. No one wants their finger in this pie

Credit: Pizzagrandpa / reddit.com

'Repulsive' is a strong word and it's not one that I use lightly... This pie is repulsive.

7. Who in their right mind would get this for their living room?

Credit: DapperJman / reddit.com

The correct answer is no one. No one in their right mind would purchase a coffee table that resembles an underwater plant.

8. Now don't laugh or anything, but this incredibly hideous plant is going at 5.50 a pop! 

Credit: wickedonecaro / reddit.com

Erm, get one before it's gone...

9. Don't freak out - that's not someone's face

Credit: wickedonecaro / reddit.com

It's just a facemask with an inexplicable amount of holes in it. No biggie...

10. I'd rather look directly into the sun for ten minutes straight than put these anywhere near my face

Credit: baziyun / reddit.com

And not to be extreme or anything but while I'm at it, I'd also rather gouge my eyes out with a piping hot spatula. Can you tell how much I hate the sunglasses?

11. NO ONE asked for spaghetti-filled meatballs. Literally no one...

Credit: Ayy_2_Brute / i.imgur.com

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. And by "little" I mean bucket loads. And by "mouth" I mean all over my kitchen counter.

12. Now before you go freaking out, it's not anything contagious...

Credit: spug2bug / reddit.com

Unless, of course, stupid, senseless behavior is contagious. Then, by all means, freak the f*ck out.

13. I will never tire of shaming inanimate objects for having a disturbing amount of holes... 

Credit: Panda_911 / i.imgur.com

I promise you, though, I do have a life...

14. As freaky as this looks, it's really just a box jampacked with balloons. So it's actually not freaky at all, not in the slightest...

Credit: baconboi / reddit.com

Although I'd quite like to know:

1) Who for the love of God needs quite so many balloons?

2) Which lunatic has the time and energy to make sure they're packed almost perfectly - color-coordinated and all - into one little box?

3) And why, just why, did they all have to be packed the hole-side up?

15. On a cold, dreary day, there's nothing I love more than a bit of potato soup

Credit: Reddit

Just not that potato soup... anything but that potato soup.

So there you have it: holes really are the devil. You heard it here first...