15 Tweets that will make women laugh and groan all at the same time

When the movies, television and general media seem to mostly cater towards men, finding places of community and support are pretty important to women across the world. On top of that, I imagine it's pretty damn cathartic to laugh your ass off at a joke meant for your gender only.

As these popular tweets show, there's plenty of humour to be found in the problems unique to women, whether it is self-mocking or righteously critical of the stunts men pull from time to time.

1. Common traits

2. Mansplaining

3. A new mantra

4. NASA doesn't teach common sense

5. How are these in production?

6. Truly an enigma

7. This is right on the money

8. The politics of the pavement

9. Stark contrast

10. Poor Harley...

11. A Perfect choice

12. They must never know

13. This is so true it hurts

14. A tale as old as time

15. Mixed messages

Honestly, I still can't get over that NASA one, it's completely ridiculous. To think a woman on that level still needed to put up with bulls**t like that is mad. If you wanted to know about some women that truly changed the world, you should definitely check out this list of 10 things you didn't know were invented by women.