16 people reveal the simplest thing they've ever had to explain to someone

We've all been guilty of saying something stupid - something that on second thoughts, makes us seriously question our intelligence. But the truth is, you could be a theoretical physicist and still come out with something that makes everyone go "huh?" Certainly, we're all entitled to a veritable "blonde moment" from time to time, but if you're like me and tend to play that role more often than you'd like, rest assured: there are people out there who are a lot worse.

So if you're having one of those days where you feel as though your education has amounted to nothing, have a peruse of some of these outrageous statements that people have come out with. I bet you'll feel like a rocket scientist in comparison.

1. I mean, least you can do simple maths... 

1 Credit: 22Words

2. And being part of the Millennial generation, we at least know how to use modern technology

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3. Yup.

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 4. Not again! 

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5. Some people really struggle when it comes to geometry 


6. And biology...

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 7. This is too much. 

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8. Are you starting to feel better about your life now? 

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9. You must think that you're a genius by now... 

8 Credit: 22Words

10. I mean, seriously! 

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11. C'mon folks 

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12. Has she never visited a farm?! 

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13. We have geography lessons for a reason 

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14. Seriously, did no-one take geography? 

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15. I have no words

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16. I'm done. 

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Well, some of those were actually painful to read. However, the mission has most definitely been accomplished, I feel like the cleverest person around now!

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