18 photos which hilariously demonstrate that there's only two types of girls in the world

18 photos which hilariously demonstrate that there's only two types of girls in the world

Being a member of the fairer sex is far from plain sailing. Sure, folk of all genders have problems to contend with, but since the dawn of time, there's been pressure on women to consistently look good, keep their mouths shut, and generally be a joy to be around. But these days, things don't work like that. Oh no. And as a result, women tend to fall into one of two categories.

Firstly, there are the girl next door types. They're the kind of girl that most guys want to settle down with eventually, but f*ck over when they're still in their youth and have their wild oats to sow. And then there are the impossibly perfect women. Deep down, they're no different to the girls next door, but on the surface, they are, to put it bluntly, every straight man's fantasy.

So, without further ado, here are 18 pictures which hilariously demonstrate the difference between these two types of girls...

1. Those who pose with their presents and those who enjoy the holidays

Credit: Instagram / @babulyaa / Instagram / @christmaskissed

Sure, the latter might not have as much photographic evidence of the day, but they're guaranteed to have a better time. The holidays, after all, are a time to spend with your family - forget making the people who follow you on social media jealous.

2. Instagram's either for fun or your "modeling" portfolio

Credit: Instagram / @sad_chikova / Instagram / @gold_farb

Personally, I don't think selfies are worth much effort unless you're a Kardashian and get paid to post 'em.

3. You have minimal makeup or enough to open your own cosmetics store

Credit: Instagram / @joni_zaq

Yeah, while I can appreciate and admire girls with an enviable makeup collection, I'm guilty of using the same mascara for a year.

4. Girls either want to be treated like a princess or a big eater

Credit: Instagram / @imperiya_roz_95 / Reddit

Okay, I would appreciate the first one more since I'm a big old romantic, but I can see why a lot of girls would prefer the wings!

5. Stockings are sexy, but chicken legs are more comfortable!

Credit: Reddit / @AttorneyfineHW

There's an argument to be made for both of these.

6. Girls can look hot in pajamas or they can be #ReadyForBed

Credit: aliexpress.com

Laughter is the foundation of a good relationship, so I'd opt for the second look. A guy who's boyfriend material will appreciate it.

7. Girls can show off their bodies or their souls in selfies

Credit: depositphotos.com

The second one might not get as many right swipes on Tinder, but I bet these girls have more personality.

8. There are only two types of manicure out there for women

Credit: Instagram / @sunnysunkuku / Instagram / @charming_effect_nails

You'll either have a cute French polish or be gloriously extra.

9. Some girls hate theme parks, others just aren't phased

Credit: imgur

Although, admittedly, that bubble gum looks like a choking hazard. Spit it out, girl!

10. Halloween really does show the differences between girls

Credit: Reddit / @khalifamia / Reddit / @jarrettbraun

Personally, I do both. Why not?!

11. Two worlds collide...

Credit: Reddit / @naniii99

I'm not going to lie, I'd probably prefer to be wearing less as that looks like a pretty sunny day.

12. Are you an old-school Disney princess or a very modern one?

Credit: Imgur

I'm no expert on Royalty, but the second girl looks a lot more regal.

13. A girl's hairbrush is either a ball of hair or perfectly clean

Credit: Brightside

Writing as someone with long hair, I've done both, and trust me, a brush full of hair does not work as well.

14. Two very different types of cyclists

Credit: depositphotos.com

I think this can apply to men too. When exercising, people either go big or they should probably go home.

15. Girls either have comfortable shoes or sexy ones

Credit: Instagram / @converse / Instagram / @unicorn_ri_

While I'd love to be able to rock heels that high, my feet are grateful for my less extravagant footwear choices.

16. Bridezilla versus the girl who is hopelessly in love

Credit: depositphotos.com / @zhopkinman / vk

My best friend is doing both of these. She got married in a small ceremony this year, but when she and her wife can afford it, they're going to have a no expense spared bash in the future - complete, of course, with two stunning dresses!

17. These girls are both 18

Credit: pixabay.com

It's no secret that people grow up at different times and these pictures are a striking reminder of it.

18. Girls are big on shopping for one of two things

Credit: Brightside


So there you have it - proof that there are two types of girls in the world. Now, I don't know about you, but this list has shown me that it's not a simple case of being a girl next door of a fantasy woman. It simply depends on what the occasion is because, personally, I'm down for a having big bouquet of red roses and pizza at the mall. So, ladies, you keep doing you.