21 people who learned their biggest life lessons the hard way

21 people who learned their biggest life lessons the hard way

Sometimes the most important lessons we get in life aren't the ones we receive while at school. They're the lessons we learn through royally f***ing things up. It's completely normal to get things wrong from time to time - after all, we're only human. And sometimes doing just that allows us to understand something that we perhaps wouldn't have done otherwise.

A lot of the time, however, we learn these valuable life lessons the hard way. I mean, we don't exactly live in an ideal world, and sometimes certain realizations hit us hard and fast and in the most awkward way imaginable.

So, without further ado, here are 21 people who truly learned things the hard way.

1. This teacher let his students know that they'd better be listening or else...

Credit: thebuddy.me

After all, everything he says WILL be in the exam.

2. He certainly learned something the hard way...

Credit: Reddit

Whoever got laid from sending d*ck pics? Seriously?

3. One girl found out the hard way that her dad had become a meme

Credit: Twitter / @A_coolestgirl

What a bizarre thing to learn about your dad... on social media of all places.

4. This girl learned that having the same job as your best friend is not a perk

This is what happened next...

Credit: Twitter / @delilah810

5. One of the hardest things to learn no matter what your age...

Credit: Twitter / @PicturesFolder

Erm, all I can say is hopefully this is a joke...

6. When you love your kids, but also f*cking despise them

Credit: Twitter / @itsomo

It stopped being adorable about five minutes into the summer vacation.

7. Sorry kid, you look exactly like Cardi B

Credit: Twitter / @AriannaModels

But hey, she's one of the biggest stars around right now...

8. It definitely wasn't one of his best ideas

Credit: Twitter / Charlie Sheen

But let's face it, it certainly wasn't one of his worst...

9. This is why you should never tempt fate

Credit: Twitter

It will end up biting you in the ass... big time.

10. Yep, we all learn this one eventually


Credit: Twitter

Some questions are best kept to yourself...

11. He learned the hard way that he has his mom on Snapchat

Credit: Twitter / Kevin Contreras

It was a lesson worth learning. For his sake and for hers.

12. This Instagram model learned that swimming with sharks for an Instagram pic probably wasn't worth it

Credit: Katarina Zarutskie

I mean, I could have told her that...

13. This granny learned that her granddaughter isn't as innocent as she thought 

Credit: Twitter

And the granddaughter learned not to sneak boys in her room.

14. Erm, this is actually hilarious

Credit: Twitter / @KariukiMachine

Well, they certainly know about you and your treacherous ways now...

15. He's one of those teachers with eyes in the back of his head

Credit: Imgur

And now his students know better than to text in class.

16. Moral of the story: never wrap sausages in bacon

Credit: Twitter / Matt Stout

Otherwise, you might have some explaining to do when your roommate sees your questionable culinary attempts...

17. This guy learned that no matter how much he has to drink, he'll never be Aladin

Credit: memecenter.com

It was a very painful lesson to learn.

18. This guy learned that by asking her to be his girlfriend, he'd be this girl's personal photographer

Credit: Instagram / @gabitomartinez93

Between romantic dinner dates and morning cuddles in bed, he's hanging off ships for his girl.

19. I mean, this is kind of like confusing the Nazi salute with a handshake...

Credit: Twitter

It's a definitely a lesson you'd have thought she'd have learned by now...

20. This is a true facepalm moment if ever I saw one

Credit: Facebook

Yes, Anthony, nature is always filled in when a new President is elected...

21. This kid learned that he actually has to do sh*t around the house if he wants to enjoy his leisure time...

Hopefully, he'll teach this to his own kids someday.

Well, we can only hope these people feel enriched with all this new knowledge they have now acquired. It can't have been easy living without it.