Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes admit they are an item

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes admit they are an item

In the top-secret world of celebrity relationships, we're occasionally treated to some little insight or the other into our favourite actor, actress or musician's love-lives, and like the insatiable voyeurs we are, we can't get enough of it.

Whether it's nothing more than a simple catch-up over some hot or cold brews, we have become incredibly good at rinsing such information dry, in the hopes that our favourite on-screen pairing could have similarly good chemistry off-screen.

Whilst the majority of us veritable tabloid mavens are still mourning the loss of Brangelina, we still take pride in saying that we totally called it - despite Brad Pitt's impassioned protestations that he remained very much in love with his then-wife, Jennifer Aniston.

And we're experiencing a similar thing today, as it's been confirmed that Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are a couple... after a whopping five years of radio silence on the topic.

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Since Katie Holmes' highly-publicised divorce from Tom Cruise in 2012, her relationship status has been shrouded in mystery. As it turns out, she's been involved in a long-term liaison with Django Unchained actor Jamie Foxx.

The couple, who have been linked together since 2013, were spotted holding hands on a beach in Malibu on Monday. There was clearly no question about the pair being involved, as they were seen talking intimately and laughing during the romantic stroll.

It's thought that the pair were prohibited from revealing their relationship because of an alleged clause in Holmes' divorce settlement with Tom Cruise.

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The so-called clause apparently prevented Katie Holmes from publicly dating someone for five years. According to an inside source, this was to prevent Cruise's name from being sullied in the press. The insider said:

"Katie signed a clause in her quickie divorce settlement that prevents her from embarrassing Tom in various ways, like talking about him or Scientology, or publicly dating another man for five years after the divorce."

However, this is not the only time that Holmes has been linked to the American actor. Despite claiming to just be friends, Holmes and Foxx were caught holding hands in a recording studio, shortly after her divorce was finalised. And just last year, one of Foxx's friends in Claudia Jordan, the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star, nearly confirmed the relationship when she was caught saying that Jamie Foxx was "very happy" with Katie.

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Foxx and Holmes have repeatedly denied the rumours. Not only has Holmes been incredibly tight-lipped about her personal life, on multiple occasions she has refused to answer any questions about her love-life. Likewise, when broached by TMZ about a potential relationship with Holmes, Foxx replied that people "have been trying to make that stick for three years".

The couple clearly got tired of all the secrecy and deception, of which there was a lot, according to UsWeekly. "To make it impossible to get photo evidence that they are together, they traveled in cars with tinted windows and took secret back elevators. They had it down to a science," a source stated, before adding that Katie had grown "tired of playing the hiding game".

And that's obviously true, as the pair proudly broadcasted their love to the world on Monday. Good on them!