Jonah Hill's latest transformation has seen him acquire a celebrity doppelgänger

Jonah Hill's latest transformation has seen him acquire a celebrity doppelgänger

Jonah Hill is one of Hollywood's favourite comedy actors. He's well known for playing the chubby and awkward geek in films such as Superbad and Get Him to the Greek. But he's showed much diversity with his performances across films like Moneyball, Wolf of Wall Street and 21 Jump Street. He's able to adapt his mannerisms as well as his looks for different roles. Just earlier this year, everyone noticed how slim Hill had become for his part in the film War Dogs.

And now, Hill has been snapped in a very... different new look on the set of a new show he's filming for. The Netflix series is set to be a dark comedy called Maniac, based inside a mental institution. 33-year-old Hill was photographed on set in this costume:

jonah hill Credit: Backgrid

He's seen sporting a tropical print shirt, hand and knuckle tattoos and two long (and kind of ratty looking) braids.

Look familiar to you? The internet thinks so. In response to the image, people have pointed out his resemblance a certain rapper.

post malone Credit: Getty

Post Malone. The 22-year-old rapper became famous for his viral banger White Iversion, and has since written music for Kanye West and toured with Justin Bieber. His 2017 song Congratulations featuring Quavo has also put him in the spotlight.

Post Malone has developed a trademark look for himself with long brown hair that's usually braided, an armful of tattoos and occasionally, a charming set of grills on his teeth...

post malone Credit: Getty

... Not unlike the costume Hill was spotted wearing. It is believed the TV series will be based around the fantasy worlds of Hill's character, a 30-something patient at the mental institute.

Credit: Twitter

Hill will be working alongside Emma Stone for the series, where the two are playing patients inside the institution. The last time Stone and Hill worked together was in 2007's Superbad. A whole 10 years ago, they looked like such babies back then.

Credit: Sony Pictures

Maniac is based on a 2014 Norwegian series, which has been described as:

"The story of Espen, a man in his thirties who is loved by everyone. Every day is a party and there's no limit to what he experiences. We meet Espen in various situations where everything is amazing and whatever happens, Espen knows how to handle it.

"It is simply too good to be true. Espen has escaped into his own head and where his life is a fantastic fantasy world. In real life he is a patient at the psychiatric ward. What would you choose if you were in Espen's situation – to be a fantasy hero or an everyday loser?"

Sounds like Hill might be in for a number of different personalities and looks to match. He's already been photographed in a complete different costume on the show's set (a mullet and short shorts). The show is expected to be streaming on Netflix in 2018.