Kylie Jenner didn't make it into Kim Kardashian's Xmas picture

Kylie Jenner didn't make it into Kim Kardashian's Xmas picture

Family photos aren't always easy to come by, especially at Christmas time. I can remember countless times mine have tried to get it right, with someone always blinking at the right moment, or the timer on the camera not working. But for the most part, we get it right. The one thing it's pretty hard to do is leave out one family member from the photo.

But despite their endless resources and constant time in the spotlight, it appears as if someone pretty major got left out of Kim Kardashian's Christmas photo. While it seems that every single one of the Kardashian-Jenner clan made it into this family photo, there was one significant exception: Kylie Jenner.

Throughout the entirety of December Kim Kardashian has been posting small teasers on Instagram, promising a full Christmas photo to go up on the final day, December 25th. Various parts of the family were highlighted in individual photos and group ones too.

While it was most often the youngest members of their family that were focused on, we got some glimpses of Kim's husband Kanye West in some photos. To our surprise, he even smiled for the photos, which isn't usually his style.

But as the month went on, many fans were asking: where's Kylie? Her suspicious absence sent many of her followers to come up with their own reasons why. A popular theory was that she would appear in the final photo on Christmas Day, maybe even revealing her rumoured pregnancy to the world on that day. After all, you wouldn't put it past them to bring in some religious imagery into the announcement.

However, now that Christmas Day has come and gone, so has the awkwardly-shot heavy-denim photo. And while it featured many familiar faces, there was no Kylie Jenner in sight.

Needless to say, across Instagram and Twitter, fans who had been asking where Kylie was now were wondering why she would be cut out - was it because there was a falling out? Are they still keeping the pregnancy a secret? Or are all their theories on the matter not close to the truth at all?

People found themselves a little more overwhelmed than they expected:

Although there were some that made fun of how the fanbase had jumped to conclusions in a lot of ways.

And those that were plain emotional, or too caught up in the potential drama of the situation to think straight.

I think a lot of this disappointment from this comes from the missed opportunity to announce the pregnancy - if, that is, it's a real thing. Kylie's silence and her family's artful dodging of the question certainly looks a little suspicious at times. Maybe she'll still be evasive on the issue when she's eight months pregnant and has a visible baby bump.