MMA fighter takes a whole year to comeback to Conor McGregor’s put down

MMA fighter takes a whole year to comeback to Conor McGregor’s put down

There is nothing more frustrating than lying bed at night, thinking over what's happened during the day, and coming up with an excellent response to that argument you had with a colleague over lunch. I'm sure it must happen to most people - especially those who are not used to getting themselves into heated debates.

However, you'd think that, as people who spend their lives delivering instantaneous physical comebacks, MMA fighters would have very little problem delivering a rapid comeback to a verbal assault. And yet it seems that this is not always the case.

Jeremy Stephens, a Mexican-American MMA featherweight fighter, waited a whole year to deliver an ultimate comeback to Conor McGregor after the notorious Irishman trash-talked him in front of thousands of people.

The comment that originally started the spat happened all the way back in September 2016 at a UFC 205 press conference, after an audience member asked McGregor, "who do you think would give you the hardest fight out of anybody on stage?"

Stephens, who was just one of many UFC fighters sharing the platform with McGregor, didn't wait to hear the response, and instead butted in with:

"Right here, right here [referring to himself]. The hardest hitting 145 pound, the real hardest hitting 145er right here. This guy TKOs people. When I knock people out, they don't f*****g move."

Of course, McGregor - who is not one for shying away from any kind of conflict - was quick to respond with: "Who the f**k is that guy?"

The camera stayed on Stephens as McGregor dealt his clapback, and it was clear that he wasn't happy. If you watch the clip, you can literally see the smugness fall from his face:

However, as we all know, revenge is a dish best served cold - and it doesn't get much colder than this. Stephens had to wait a whole year to present his comeback, but I think many would agree it was worth the wait.

Not only did Stephens manage to deliver one of the most ultimate burns possible, he also did it in front of the entire internet:

Yes, ladies and gentleman, Stephens waited a whole year in order to deliver the undying classic: "your mom" comeback. And, for a little while, it probably felt pretty sweet. So far, the tweet has been shared nearly 2,000 times, and has attained nearly 4k likes.

However, some people were less than impressed with the amount of time it took for the MMA fighter to deliver his blow:

And others simply took the opportunity to reiterate McGregor's original insult, joking that the Irishman's mom probably had no idea who Stephens was, either:

The best response of all, though, came from McGregor himself... who has so far said nothing at all. He's no doubt too busy chilling on his multi-million dollar yacht and counting all that money he's earned over the last couple of months.

Yes, it was a great comeback. But anybody should know that, if you're going to try and take on McGregor, you'll have to do it quickly.