Serena Williams' baby already has an amazing Instagram page

Serena Williams' baby already has an amazing Instagram page

Serena Williams, the 23-time grand slam tennis champion, managed to be a badass even during pregnancy. She won the Australian Open in January this year, though no one knew at the time she was eight weeks pregnant. At the beginning of this month, it was announced that her baby had been born, and despite some "complications", both the mother and daughter were in a healthy condition.

Serena got engaged to Alexis Ohanian, one of the co-founders of Reddit, in December 2016, and have now begun to share photos of their life since the birth. Alex gave his name to the little girl, who has been named Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. She was weighed at 6 pounds and 14 ounces, and left the hospital after six or seven days, making her social media debut not too long after. First came a look at the exhausted mother and daughter in an adorable photo.

The couple also posted a video to Serena's YouTube page, a compilation of moments from the entire pregnancy, leading up to the first glimpse of their baby girl. The compilation took the internet by storm, topping YouTube's top trending list after it was posted.

In the video we see everything from the ultrasound scans to the first time the baby kicked. The whole video is very sweet, and definitely worth a watch.

Now the little Alexis, only two weeks old, has her own Instagram account separate from that of her mother's (though I'm assuming it's not the baby who's running it). Under the username 'olumpiaohanian', the baby has already amassed over 45,000 followers since the page was set up. I don't normally care about follower numbers, but it's a little weird to be so thoroughly outclassed by a newborn baby.

It makes sense that the daughter of one of the men behind Reddit, one of the most popular websites on the internet (and an excellent place to waste an afternoon), would be brought up a part of this inter-connected landscape. Though I wonder whether Alexis Jr. will continue with the account when she's old enough to understand and use a smartphone.

It feels a bit strange to have a baby with it's own Instagram account, but maybe this is becoming the norm for parents of the modern world. It's still enjoyable to see such cute photos of Serena's baby, regardless of Alexis Jr. being thrust into the world of social media stardom. Who knows how this would affect someone growing up, but it's not like the child of millionaire celebrities is going to have the most normal of lives in the first place.

Now that Serena and Alexis' journey to parenthood is over, it seems that there will be plenty more to see in the coming years. Aside from being born to these particular parents, Alexis Jr. may have other reasons why she'll be a success in the future. Did you now that a recent study has shown that people born in September are more successful?