Shocking footage shows Kate Upton being swept off a rock by a wave during her Sports Illustrated shoot

Shocking footage shows Kate Upton being swept off a rock by a wave during her Sports Illustrated shoot

While one might presume that being a model is something of a charmed existence; jetting from photoshoot to catwalk runway without so much as a backward glance at the rest of us, the reality is rather different.

Models must often adhere to gruelling training and dietary regimens to stay in the astonishing shape that pays their bills, moreover, female models, in particular, have been treated poorly - often cruelly - in the industry, the extent of which is only becoming apparent in hindsight.

That being said, models have won the genetic lottery, and they are basically getting paid to look great, which must be a wholly satisfying and rather enjoyable pursuit the vast majority of the time.

Now, more than at any other point in our shared history, an astonishingly high premium is placed upon beauty. Whether through the filtered corridors of Instagram or on the front covers of glossy magazines, we are confronted with beauty and its paradigms practically without cease.

While this can be rather disheartening - particularly for women, who are bombarded with near impossible ideals of beauty that can often lead to the damaging of mental wellbeing and dangerous dietary fads, much is now being done to redress the balance.

The last couple of years have seen the rise of the plus-size model, a notion that would have never existed in previous years, and numerous fitness bloggers and models on Instagram now post before-and-after comparison photos to show easy it is to fool people with good lighting and clever angles when taking a selfie.

Kate Upton, of course, is the beneficiary of both good lighting and clever angles as a professional model, but in reality needs neither of them, such is her effervescent beauty.

A regular on the front cover of Sports Illustrated, Upton was recently shooting for the magazine once again for a recent issue when, to put it mildly, disaster struck.

Posing provocatively atop a rocky outcrop halfway out to sea, Upton is going about her business as professionally as you'd expect, all blue steel and angles, when it happens. A wave, innocuous-looking at first but suddenly transforming into a tempestuous maelstrom, breaks against the very rock upon which Upton is standing. A member of the photography crew spots the danger and attempts to stop her from falling, but to no avail. You can see the footage below:

Describing the incident, Upton said;

"The next coming wave didn't look that large from my point of view but it must have hit the rock just right.

"The skirt with all the tulle, whenever it's wet is very heavy and dragged me down.

"Everybody was very scared."

Talk about suffering for your art.

Thankfully, it is not believed that Upton sustained any serious injuries as a result of the incident, and, ever the pro, carried on with the shoot once she had been dried off.