10 Hot actors who were totally transformed by beards

10 Hot actors who were totally transformed by beards

In a post-avocado, post-cold brew and thoroughly "hipster" world, beards aren't just a commonplace accessory anymore – they're an expected accouterments. I mean, are you even strolling around East London or the streets of Brooklyn if the men you pass don't have some form of facial hair? I think not.

However, the trend has managed to surpass the dingy dives and indie bars of the world and has found its way into mainstream fashion. And beards certainly can transform a face. I mean, just look at these 10 celebrities. Yeah, they were super attractive before, but you can't deny that that extra facial hair just adds... something. Have a gander below.

1. Tom Hardy 

Tom Hardy Credit: Pinterest

2. Chris Hemsworth 

chris hemsworth Credit: Getty & Pinterest

3. Henry Cavill 

Henry cavill Credit: Getty

4. Kit Harington

Kit Harington Credit: Paramont & Pinterest

5. Kristofer Hivju

kristofer hivju Credit: Getty

6. Sean Bean

Credit: HBO & Twitter

7. Leonard DiCaprio

leo dicaprio Credit: Miramax & Pinterest

8. Cris Pine

Chris Pine Credit: Paramount & Pinterest

9. Robert Downey Jr

Credit: Twitter & Paramount

10. Johnny Depp 

johnny depp Credit: Pinterest

Well, there you have it. While none of us can deny that these celebs weren't some of the best looking in the entertainment without the facial hair, I'm sure we can all agree that they look much better for it.