10 Tweets from fans who love their favorite celebrities way too much

As a society, we are in thrall to celebrity and all of its trappings.

No longer content with pursuing careers that might lead to fame as a by-product, such as being a movie star or famous singer, now we are happy to bypass that in favour of celebrity for its own sake.

It's the reason that we clamour to get onto matchmaking reality television programmes, in the vain hope that the aftermath will lead us to fame and fortune at the expense of handing in our dignity at the door.

Whether that's a price worth paying is certainly debatable, though many would appear to think it barely warrants a moment's thought, before they hurl themselves down the heady helter-skelter of public humiliation in the name of celebrity. As we are all so obsessed by our favorite stars, though, here is a list of times that people might have gone a little too far.

1. Pretty unequivocal 

2. Just take all the awards. Take them!

3. Double standards 

4. Oh, to be John Boyega's cat, just for one day

5. Who, me?

6. Oh, to be Tom Daley's frying pan, just for one day... Wait, what?

7. When you invite Beyonce to your big day

8. Same

9. Don't @ me

10. Blurring the lines between fiction and reality

Celebrities, eh? Can't live with them, can't live without them.