11 Super famous people who also have famous parents

11 Super famous people who also have famous parents

The rich and famous are blessed in a lot of ways; not only have the majority of them won the genetic lottery, but they're also insanely talented. Yes, it's rather unfair that the Oscar and Grammy winners of the world are so easy on the eye, and insanely loaded partly as a result of being so.

But we can't deny that we love having a famous heartthrob to stalk, and luckily, their perfect DNA is passed onto their children, who not only tend to be the spitting image of their parents, but always seem to follow in their footsteps, creatively speaking, too.

Here are 11 famous people who have descended from celebrity ilk...

1. Zoe Kravitz is the daughter of Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz

zoe kravitz Credit: Getty

2. Alexander Skarsgård is the son of My and Stellan Skarsgård

alexander Skarsgård Credit: Getty

3. Allison Williams is the daughter of news anchor Brian Williams 

allison williams Credit: Getty

 4. Angelina Jolie is the daughter of Jon Voigt

angelina jolie Credit: Getty

5. Ben Stiller's parents are Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara

ben stiller and jerry stiller Credit: Getty

6. Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher were Carrie Fisher's parents 

Carrie fisher and debbie reynolds Credit: Getty

7. Charlie Sheen's father is Martin Sheen 

Charlie Sheen and Martin Sheen Credit: Getty

8. Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson are Dakota Johnson's parents 

dakota johnson Credit: Getty

9. Emma Roberts's aunt is Julia Roberts

emma and julia roberts Credit: Getty

10. Kaia Gerber's mother is Cindy Crawford 

kaia gerber Credit: Getty

11. Kate Hudson's parents are Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell 

kate hudson Credit: Getty

Well, the more you know, eh?