These are the 12 most hilarious reactions to Kylie Jenner's baby's name

If you didn't hear anything about Kylie Jenner's pregnancy over the last few months, you must have been living under a rock. Regardless of you were interested or not, there was endless speculation over whether her disappearance from the spotlight had anything to do with a suspected pregnancy or if it was all a ruse.

After the announcement this week that she actually was pregnant all this time and had even given birth in secrecy, the internet went wild. Soon after, we learned the name of her baby girl: Stormi.

With all the theories flying around, no one expected her to pick that name, and some of the reactions to it online were hilarious.

1. Weather forecast

2. Stage name struggles

3. Those were the days

4. It all led to this...

5. Way off

6. Getting carried away

7. Grime fan from an early age

8. Why not?

9. What a whirlwind

10. Waiting on Storm Stormi

11. A glimpse into the future

12. One simple emoji

While you likely caught up on the news of Kylie's newborn baby girl and have watched the 11-minute pregnancy journey video, some eagle-eyed fans noticed one revealing detail many of us will have missed.