15 celebrity PR fails that will have you in stitches

15 celebrity PR fails that will have you in stitches

Celebrities have always done sponsorship deals or starred in advertisements across billboards and television commercial slots. But in the age of the internet, it has only become more ubiquitous. Even relatively unknown Instagram models, YouTube channels and podcasts have their sponsors to keep their bills paid.

And that means there is only more work for their Public Relations staff, who have their work cut out for them making all this go down without a hitch. But sometimes even they can't handle the mess a celebrity causes, with everything from a simple typo or some over-zealous tweeting.

And that's not the end of it, as even companies and restaurant chains are getting on the social media bandwagon, so it's only a matter of time before mistakes are made...

1. When Scott Disick hit copy and paste

Scott Disick Instagram Credit: Instagram

2. Dom Lever with a 'train to himself'

3. Sainsburys put out a staff message on a shop window

4. When Ed Balls became Hodor for a moment

5. Charlie Sheen tweeted out his own number

Charlie Sheen number Credit: Twitter

6. The Oscars thought Penelope Cruz was Salma Hayek...

Oscars Penelope Cruz Credit: Instagram

7. #Su'sAnalBumParty

Susan Boyle tweet Credit: Twitter

8. Another copy&paste disaster

Little Mix Instagram Credit: Instagram

9. Naomi Campbell copied an entire email...

Naomi Campbell instagram Credit: Instagram

10. Rita Ora didn't make her ambitious goal

Rita Ora twitter Credit: Twitter

11. Bow Wow nicked this 'private jet' photo off Google

Bow Wow Instagram Credit: Instagram

12. Oprah loves her Surface, but tweets from her iPad...

Oprah Twitter Credit: Twitter

13. Disgruntled HMV workers took to Twitter

HMV twitter fired Credit: Twitter

14. Donald Trump was tricked into tweeting Fred and Rosemary West's "son"

Trump Fred West Credit: Twitter

15. Walkers' campaign backfired after asking users to add their own images

What I'm learning from all these spectacular fails is that I do not have what it takes to be part of a PR team. It's stressful enough making sure things go smoothly, but one typo or error in your job and you've got a full-blown catastrophe on your hands.