15 Times Terry Crews proved he was the undoubtedly the coolest man alive

15 Times Terry Crews proved he was the undoubtedly the coolest man alive

Whether you recognise him as a football star, a comedy actor, or simply that dude with the huge pecs, you've almost certainly come across Terry Crews at some point in your life. Let be honest here, I'm guessing from what you've seen, you probably already think that he's a pretty cool guy.

However, there's more to Crews than meets the eye. Over the years, he's proved that, aside from a ripped bod and a good sense of humour, he's got a lot else to offer...

1. His list of talents are endless

As well as being an NFL player and an actor, Crews is also an amazing artist.

Terry Crews atwork Credit: Imgur

2. He can pull off any outfit

Here's Terry somehow still looking totally badass while cosplaying the character he played in Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.

Terry Crews in cosplay Credit: Buzzfeed

3. Literally any outfit

Who else could rock this look? Nobody, that's who.

Terry Crews in leopard bra Credit: Imgur

4. He can play the flute

Add this to the list of talents, too.

5. He's not a bad dancer, either

It seems that we learn something new about this guy every time he's on a talk show.

6. The dude can lift

There's no way to fake a physique like his.

7. He's an awesome dad

Can he adopt me, please?

terry crews and his son Credit: Dorkly

8. He's also an amazing husband

They met when Crews was 20 years old, and they've been together ever since.

9. The guy has pecs for days

And weeks. And months. And years.

10. His lip-sync skills are insane

Making my way downtown...

11. His life pro tips are on point

"I keep this pic of myself in my wallet so I can see it when I'm about to waste money on things I don't need lol".

12. But he also knows how to deal with more important issues

Wise words.

13. And he's thankful for the little things

He's a big softy under all that muscle.

14. He's a secret genius

The guy built his own computer from scratch!

15. He's an inspiration to all

Whether it's on fitness, happiness or just being a good person, Crews has got some excellent advice to offer.

While there can only be one Terry Crews in this world, I think we can all agree that it would be a better place if we all aspired to be a little more like him.