20 times celebrities were really funny on Instagram

20 times celebrities were really funny on Instagram

Kevin Hart, Stephen Colbert, Amy Schumer; some of our favourite celebrities are comedians, or at least actors and actresses highly prolific and proficient in providing a good chuckle in most of their films. There are also some non-comedian celebrities out there who are funnier than we give them credit for.

Before playing Jack Donaghy in the sitcom 30 Rock, Alec Baldwin was known as the guy who profanely chewed out an entire sales team in Glengarry Glen Ross, while Liam Neeson, best known for his roles in Star Wars, Batman Begins or Taken, made me cry with laughter with his surprise appearance in Ricky Gervais' Life's Too Short. On social media, here are some more times that celebrities made us laugh out loud, when we perhaps weren't expecting them to.

1. Scott Disick savagely responded to this pregnancy rumour...

2. And sarcastically let his feelings be known over phones at family dinner

3. Chrissy Teigen stole this photo of her daughter Luna from John Legend, and she regrets nothing

4. She also doesn't mind ripping into her husband for his questionable 90s attire

5. She almost managed to sincerely congratulate him on his honorary degree

6. Here's Blake Lively, celebrating Father's Day with Ryan Reynolds and 85 per cent certainty...

7. Here she is again, showing how she's taking fashion tips from Disney... characters

8. Anna Kendrick has no patience for your ridiculous trinkets

9. Kendall Jenner always has time for her fans

10. Lorde was just trying to take a walk in the park with her mum... 

11. Or trying to hang with her "human giraffe" pal, Taylor Swift

12. Ryan Reynolds wished his brother a happy birthday...

13. His Mother's Day wish was even funnier

14. Taylor Swift's cat just racked up a significant debt

15. Just Jade Thirlwall being the bomb

16. Anna Faris perfectly captures the rollercoaster of emotions that is motherhood

17. Here, she tries her best not to look like she's about to stab her coworker - and fails

18. Jessica Simpson with a pretty awful pun

19. Rihanna shows up when she wants!

20. Katy Perry, taking advice maybe a little too literally

There are many different kinds of funny people. Some celebrities may not do great performing jokes in front of a crowd, but they've got the wit and charm to be able to make us laugh anyway. All in all, these posts kind of convince me that these celebrities would be super fun to hang out with.