8 Times celebrity parents hilariously trolled their kids on Instagram

8 Times celebrity parents hilariously trolled their kids on Instagram

Oh, to be rich and famous, floating somewhere in the ether high above the rest of us mere mortals.

Indeed, if Instagram is to be believed, a life of celebrity is essentially a collocation of exotic locales, personal training sessions and red carpet appearances.

The truth, of course, is somewhat different. Celebrities are real people, just like you and me, and as such have real problems, real relationships and, in the case of this merry band of Messrs, a real talent for mischief-making.

Here are eight celebrity parents who trolled their kids on Instagram with hilarious results.

1. Alec Baldwin is not happy. Not one bit.

alec baldwin insta comment Credit: Instagram

2. Beckham knows the score 

david beckham troll Credit: Instagram

3. Kelly Ripa knows best

Kelly Ripa trolling Credit: Instagram

Credit: Instagram

Ripa comment Credit: Instagram

4. It runs in the family

Seth Rogen Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

5. Kimmy K knows what's up

kim kardashian trolling North Credit: Twitter

6. The king of trolling himself

7. This is actually brutal!

Credit: Instagram

8. And lest we forget this truly iconic trolling from Will Smith, who recreated son Jaden's music video

Credit: Instagram

Who's was the best piece of parental trolling? Personally, I'm giving my vote to Will Smith, for sheer effort and execution.