8 ways Meghan Markle has already broken royal protocol

8 ways Meghan Markle has already broken royal protocol

And so, another royal wedding has appeared on the horizon.

Kate and Prince William piqued our interest a few years back when they tied the knot with all appropriate pomp, circumstance and decorum, and now Prince the younger (Harry) has finally settled down after - let's face it - quite a few years dominated by headlines of his hedonistic party-man lifestyle.

Prince Harry, famously, will wed bonafide Hollywood star Meghan Markle - she of Suits fame. Markle plays the paralegal turned all-conquering associate on the hugely popular US TV legal drama, alongside her on-screen husband Mike Ross (Patrick J Adams) and a host of other stars.

In real life, Markle is just as dynamic and go-getting as her on-screen character, an activist and eloquent speaker who also happens to be tearing up the royal rule book. Here's how she has done it.

1. No pantyhose for the engagement announcement

A favourite of the Queen, Princess Diana and Kate Middleton, Markle bucked the trend.

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2. Christmas at Sandringham

Typically only fully-fledged spouses are given the honour. Markle marched straight in there. Go get 'em, girl.

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3. The signature

Royals don't typically sign autographs, but Markle is a Hollywood star, so she duly obliged.

4. She discussed Harry in Vanity Fair

Before they even got engaged. Big breaking of royal protocol, and we love it.

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5. PDA

Prince Harry and Meghan aren't afraid of a little hand-holding in public. Typically royal PDA is kept very much to a minimum.

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6. She's a divorcee

Royals used to be prohibited from marrying someone who had previously been divorced, and it is still very rare, other than in the case of Prince Charles.

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7. She wears cross-body bags

Well, this is groundbreaking. Typically royals apparently have a clutch to limit the amount of hand shaking they are forced to do.

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8. She will reportedly give a toast at her own wedding

This is rare even in non-royal circles, and we love it. Go for it Meghan!

So there you have it, Meghan Markle is a true trailblazer, and isn't afraid to ruffle a few royal protocol feathers on her way. Congrats to the happy couple!