Amy Schumer leaves $500 tip at restaurant

Amy Schumer leaves $500 tip at restaurant

Tipping is a widely-contested topic, and will likely remain that way for years to come. What percentage of your tip you should pay and whether it is essential or not is something we have all asked ourselves at some point in the past. I still don't know exactly what the protocol is, but one thing I do know is that when I'm a billionaire (here's hoping) I will tip extremely well.

Not to show off my wealth or anything like that, but because the reason tipping is an issue in the first place is because most of us have to think about the money we are spending. So you can bet once money isn't a problem anymore, I'll do the easy good deed of brightening up someone's day with a little extra cash.

Union Oyster House Credit: Getty

This is what the actress and stand-up comedian Amy Schumer did recently at the end of her meal. Alongside an unidentified man, she was eating out at The Union Oyster House in Boston. As reported by the website People, she is currently shooting a film called I Feel Pretty in Boston at the moment, and headed out for a meal at the restaurant.

At the end of her meal, she left a $500 tip on top of her bill, a generous offering that would make any waiter or waitress ecstatic and proud of their work. And it's not as if this was a ludicrously expensive dinner, as her bill came to $80.

Amy Schumer Trainwreck Credit: Universal Pictures

People spoke to the restaurant to confirm the story, and Joe Milano, the restaurant's manager, explained the experience:

"She was dressed very casually – a baseball cap, sunglasses, no makeup … it seemed like she didn’t want to be recognized. It was early, like 5:30 or 6, so it wasn’t busy, but we sat her in a back dining room area that wasn’t being used so she had her privacy."

The waitress, who is a college student working as a waitress part-time, was over the moon. As Milano explained, Schumer had a reason to empathise with her server.

"She was very nice. She said to [the server] that she was once a waitress and knew how hard it was"

"She was excited to be serving her, but then to get that kind of a tip was something else... She’s a hard worker and I’m happy for her."

Amy Schumer stand-up Credit: Netflix

This isn't the first time that Schumer has shown this kind of generosity. Remember the time she bought a mattress store employee a $2,000 mattress for letting her use their bathroom? But tipping is something Schumer has publicly spoken about before. In an interview with Howard Stern earlier this year, the actress said:

"I take care of my family, my friends. I think I might feel guilty about having money if I wasn’t giving. It’s because it does make me feel great and I feel like I have no other choice"

I know I will be looking to act the same once I'm as wealthy as Schumer, which is definitely going to happen - right? In the meantime I don't think my tips are going to go quite as far as $500 worth. If you want to see more about the comedian, did see the time that Amy Schumer made a cameo appearance on 'Judge Judy' with her sister?