Anthony Bourdain said that he would poison Trump if he cooked for him

Anthony Bourdain said that he would poison Trump if he cooked for him

A chef has a unique position in society. To serve food is to be the most trusted person of all parties involved. You have the obligation of setting a meal worthy of accompanying conversations that decide the fate of the world, and the chef, of course, retains the right to spit in any food he chooses. Never anger a chef. Donald Trump, then, should definitely never hire Anthony Bourdain to be his White House chef.

Bourdain has disliked Trump for a long time, and he hasn't been afraid to say so.

Recently, he was asked by TMZ about a particular scenario involving Trump, North Korea, and a delicious plate of Bourdain-cooked food.

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"If Trump and Kim Jong-un were going to have a bit of a summit to try and mend relations and they wanted you to cater, what would you serve?"

Bourdain had but one simple answer. "Hemlock."

Hemlock, of course, is one of the most famous poisons you've read about in fiction. It's a humorous remark, but conservative pundits have taken great offense to it. It reminds me of Kathy Griffin's stunt with a fake Trump severed head. It seems violent on the surface, but I'm sure it's harmless. These are just celebrities taking out their frustration in casual comments. Ordinary people say things like this all the time - Bourdain just had the misfortune to say it in public.

Bourdain, like Kathy Griffin, is employed by CNN. His food travel show Parts Unknown is one of the network's biggest hits. But would it really be sensible to fire him over something like this? I don't think so. Conservatives should never be afraid of being fired or censored for off-the-cuff remarks. That extends to liberals as well.

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Then again, maybe there's an anti-Trump double standard here. If a conservative chef said he would give Barack Obama hemlock, there's a good chance he would be considered a murderous racist. What do you think? Did Bourdain go too far?

After making his comment, of course he apologized.

Bourdain said he meant to say 'kale'. His joke about bad-tasting food just went over the edge and became an edgy comment about hemlock. Though he may have made that remark considering that Kim Jong-un was also involved in the situation. It's like a secret caper - the chef is actually an international assassin. I'm giving you the 360 view on this remark, guys, it's very important. Serious business.

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Can't celebrities and Donald Trump just move to an island together already? Every week there's a new story about some liberal celebrity dragging or being dragged or doing something in relation to Trump that won't have any influence on politics or policy. It's the new theater - watch Trump's ex-showbiz friends tussle with him publicly until the end of time.

We can all admit that Anthony Bourdain has the better show in 2017, however, at least until The Apprentice: White House goes on air.