Arnold Schwarzenegger attacks the alt-right in powerful video

Arnold Schwarzenegger attacks the alt-right in powerful video

It's remarkable that in 2017, calling out Nazis has become a controversial political stand. Everyone from Ted Cruz to Mitt Romney has come out denouncing Nazis in unambiguous terms, leaving only Donald Trump to remain obsessed with comparing Antifa to Nazi protestors.

Of course, political violence leads nowhere. But we can expect the President of the United States to hold a thoughtful line, correct? Well, maybe not. We may have to rely on celebrities and other figures in public life to maintain civilization.

Arnold trump campaign California Credit: Vanity Fair

Nazis, if anything, seem to be an overflow of deeper problems in American life. Hating Nazis is bipartisan, but taking on institutional racism is rare. How can we create a better America when such chaos is erupting on the streets?

That said, when it comes to dunking on Nazis, Arnold Schwarzenegger has no rivals. No politician has come across as so earnest, fatherly and straightforward as he has when taking on the subject.

The man's words are heartfelt and heartbreaking! "Believe me, I knew the original Nazis."

Born in Austria in 1947, the aftermath of the war defined young Arnold's life. The Nazis of today are nothing compared to the Nazis of the 40s, with an army at their back and the entire might of German steel production - they were close to taking over the world. Russia lost millions of soldiers fighting the Nazis, and if they hadn't, there's a good chance the Americans and the English would have lost the war.

The Arnold goes on:

“Growing up, I was surrounded by broken men ― men who came home from the war filled with shrapnel and guilt. Men who were misled into a losing ideology. And I can tell you: these ghosts who you idolize spent the rest of their lives living in shame. And right now they’re resting in hell.”

These are powerful words. The historical amnesia in the West has led some to forget that Nazism is not just another view, but a defeated viewpoint about the world. Nazis rejected liberalism, equality, dignity of the individual, and universal rights. An outcrop of Nazism rising again would be disastrous for everyone on Earth.

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"The country that defeated Hitler's army is no place for Nazi flags."


“The party of Lincoln won’t stand with those who carry the battle flag of the failed Confederacy.”

A little Trump bobblehead represents the shade Arnold is throwing at the President - it isn't hard to come down on Nazis in explicit terms. After all, Nazis nearly destroyed the world during the 20th century.

His words for the protestors are still hopeful, however. It is never too late to learn that all human beings have equal value. It is never too late to abandon the Nazi flag and bury this silly ideology in the trash heap of history.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Credit: Newsweek

A Chicago non-profit group called Life After Hate has devoted its resources toward de-radicalizing white supremacists. They've convinced dozens of white supremacists to disavow their views and rejoin polite society. Of course, Trump defunded them, because he believes in cutting many social services, but groups like Life After Hate provide hope for the future.

People who hate marginalized groups just need to see them, face to face, to join civilization and understand that if racial purity is the basis for self-worth, then nobody will win.