Attractive prisoner manages to secure modelling contract

Attractive prisoner manages to secure modelling contract

It's easy to be jealous of models, isn't it? It must be nice to earn a lot of money for being good looking. While the majority of us have to work a boring office job to earn enough money to survive on; models earn a lorry load of cash for simply posing in front of the camera and pouting. Their lifestyles involve jetting off around the world to incredible locations and getting an abundance of free clothing, all thanks to their lucky genetics.

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Understandably, the amount that some models get paid winds a lot of people up, as many people work a lot harder for much less money. So, when a model is getting paid a super amount of money but also comes from a crime-riddled background, it can be pretty hard to believe in karma, right?

As in, why doesn't a law-abiding citizen like you or I get the same money when we've toed the line all our lives? I'm sorry but I can't answer that.

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For the second time in a couple of years, we have another "hot felon" on our hands.

Back in 2014, Jeremy Meeks was arrested during a gang-related police operation, and rather than focusing on the crimes that he had committed, people became obsessed with how good he looked in his mugshot. The world quickly became obsessed with Meeks, and he earned himself the title of "hot felon" and gained a huge following and a lucrative modelling contract.

Meeks signed a modelling contract from inside the walls of prison with White Cross Management and he has since walked the runways in both Milan and New York fashion week.

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But now he has competition for the title of the most attractive prisoner in town, after people noticed the mugshots of Mekhi Alante Lucky. Lucky was arrested in April last year when he was just 18-years-old, after being caught stealing a motor vehicle and running away from the police.

His picture wound up on the website, Wake Mugshots, which compiles every mugshot in Wake County, North Carolina. However, his arrest in April wasn't his only run-in with the police, Lucky was also arrested for breaking and entering and resisting arrest in November, and again in the following month for violating his probation.

But much like Meeks, Lucky seems to have found a fanbase that is more interested in his unique looks rather than his crimes, and he has now been dubbed "Prison Bae" by his fans... Lucky, who was born with heterochromia (meaning he has two different coloured eyes), has been signed to St Claire's Modelling Agency and has been building a fanbase on Instagram that is now passed the 20,000 mark.

It's safe to say that Lucky has made quite the mark on social media, with his images being shared around on Twitter as well.

By the looks of things, Lucky has already built up a pretty decent back catalogue of photoshoots and his portfolio is looking strong. Hopefully it's the start of a new life for him and his new career path will keep him away from a life of crime.