Bella Hadid helps sister Gigi down the NYFW runway after wardrobe malfunction

Bella Hadid helps sister Gigi down the NYFW runway after wardrobe malfunction

Public humiliation is never nice, is it? Some of the most embarrassing moments in my life have happened due to them being in public.

I remember one time at school, I was frantically running up the stairs to catch up and chat to a group of friends and fell flat on my face, much to the delight of the 100 or so students around me. I also remember when I was having a dance-off in my student union and ripped my trousers attempting a high kick, that was pretty bad as well (although it did not stop me from carrying on and winning the battle, clearly).

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However, while my public mishaps have only happened around people I know and in front of fairly small audiences, of which I am thankful, for catwalk models the reality of public embarrassment is much, much worse. While we may think that being a catwalk model is easy, and that they get paid an outrageous amount of money for simply walking down a runway; there is no doubting that it is also a pretty high-pressure job and one that requires balls of steel.

As a catwalk model, you are expected to strut your stuff in a sassy, but composed manner and also showcase the clothing that you are modelling to the best of your ability in front of hundreds of photographers. So naturally, when things go wrong, they go really wrong. There's been several incredible catwalk mishaps over the years, however the below might just be my favourite of all time.

Incredible stuff.

For model and all round celebrity, Gigi Hadid, she was close to suffering a catwalk nightmare until, luckily for her, her sister came in to save the day. During Anna Sui's SS18 show at New York Fashion Week, which is now in full swing, Gigi's shoe fell off just as she was about the start the last lap of the show with all the other models that had been involved. While shoes breaking or falling off is a fairly common occurrence for catwalks models (mainly because the shoes are poorly made samples or put on in a rush), it's not something you want to happen when you are a global star and all of the cameras are on you.

However, fortunately Gigi's sister, Bella Hadid, was on hand to walk her sister down the walkway in a true display of sisterly love. Unsurprisingly, the footage of the two sisters walking down the catwalk together has gone down well on social media, with one user saying: "This is what sibling love looks like."

While it is undoubtedly a great show of support by Bella for her sister, I can't help but wonder what I would've done if my brother had suffered a similar wardrobe malfunction just minutes before he took to the catwalk for a high pressure show. I think in all honesty, I would've just stood, laughed and reveled in his misfortune.

Fair play Bella, you are a better person than me, I'll give you that.