Blake Lively fans receive a worrying update on the injury that has halted production on her latest film

Blake Lively fans receive a worrying update on the injury that has halted production on her latest film

Blake Lively; America's sweetheart, one half of Hollywood's golden couple, and accomplished actress to boot, has had quite the number of successes of late. She's starred in several blockbusters such as The Shallows and The Age of Adaline, and has had understated roles in Woody Allen's Café Society and Savages. Moreover, her relationship with Ryan Reynolds never fails to capture the attention of the press, in all of its "Couple Goals" glory. When they're not poking fun at each other on their respective Instagram and Twitter accounts, Reynolds and Lively are photographed leading wholly normal lives with their two young daughters, James and Ines.

However, the 30-year-old recently had a mishap on the set of her newest film, The Rhythm Section, which forced production to be temporarily shut down. The former Gossip Girl actress sustained a hand-injury during filming, and it's reportedly serious enough to warrant surgery.

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Blake Lively was hurt while filming a challenging stunt sequence for The Rhythm Section back in December in Dublin, Ireland, and has been spotted wearing a cast on her right hand. The injury was severe enough to temporarily suspend the $50 million feature, in order to give Blake, the lead actress, time to recover.

While the 30-year-old is expected to fully recover from the injury, a source said that it's taking longer than anticipated and that the initial surgery Blake had on her hand didn't go to plan. A second surgery has now been deemed necessary, but it will extend the healing and rehabilitation period required.

An insider spoke to The Hollywood Reporter and informed the publication that although half the movie is wrapped, producers can't say when filming will resume.

In an interview with THR, the director of The Rhythm Section and The Handmaid's Tale', Reed Morano, said, "The problem is that normally, that kind of an injury, you would have 4 to 6 weeks of rehab and then you would wear a splint. We have to go into stunts, so it's very complicated".

British-American action thriller film, The Rhythm Section, is adapted from the novel of the same name by Mark Burnell. It centres around Lively's character, Stephanie Patrick, who is attempting to find out the truth about a plane crash which killed her family.

Lively recently revealed the secret to her enviable relationship with fellow actor, Ryan Reynolds. Speaking on Good Morning America, the mother-of-two revealed that it's all to do with understanding each other's hectic schedule. "In general, it's nice to have someone who understands what you're doing," she explained. "Especially because our job is so weird—you have to be 'married' to other people, it's all so strange. It's never normal, even when you're both doing it."

She also touched on how awkward she finds sex scenes, even after being in the 'biz since she was 10-years-old. "It's helpful to know when you're acting that you're in a relationship with someone else, that that's not what's actually happening," Blake asserted. "Because I have friends who aren't married to someone who's in the business, so they're like: ‘Oh, so you're not actually making love in that scene?!' And I'm like: 'No, no, no, no, definitely not.'"

We wish Blake a speedy recovery!