This butter sculpture of Justin Trudeau holding pandas is the best thing you'll see today

This butter sculpture of Justin Trudeau holding pandas is the best thing you'll see today

I am sure we are all acquainted with the wonderful man that is Justin Trudeau. Whether he's greeting Syrian refugees at the airport, declaring himself to be a feminist, balancing babies on one hand, or looking damn fine whilst he does all of the above, one thing is for certain: he's certainly captured the hearts of the public.

The 23rd Canadian Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Party strikes the careful balance of engaging with the public in a way that is normally reserved for celebrities, while also appearing committed to the serious political and environmental change that his party promised in the 2015 election. And whilst we are all informed individuals, we can't help but go a little barmy when we see Justin Trudeau cuddling panda cubs at the Toronto Zoo.

Of course the pictures went viral. I mean what's better than one very attractive Prime Minister having a blast with a horde of adorable baby pandas?

Nothing, unless the scene was recreated in everyone's favourite substance: butter.

The Canadian National Exhibition has a butter sculpture made each year. The long-standing tradition dates back to the early 1950s, and there have been some memorable past entries, including Rob Ford reading a Margaret Atwood book, a dead racoon and naturally, Yoda.

Sculptor Sean Masonic won the honour of preserving Justin Trudeau's magical moment with the pandas, Jia Pan Pan and Jia Yueyue, in dairy form.

The lead artist at this year's butter sculpture exhibit David Salazar and the sculptor Sean Masonic worked on recreating the Canadian Prime Minister in our favourite spread. As well as crafting Trudeau, Salazar has also worked on a buttery version of a High Park capybara and the IKEA monkey.

A spokesperson for the Canadian National Exhibition states that the artists will use around 2,700 pounds of butter in total by the end of the exhibition, after which it is all composted.

In other Trudeau related news, the Canadian Prime Minister recently accompanied Ireland's recently appointed Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, to Montreal's pride parade.

Ireland's first openly gay Prime Minister attended the pride parade on Sunday, in an event which Trudeau states is the first time that a foreign leader has taken part in a pride parade in the North American country.

As well as attending the LGBTQ celebration together, Trudeau and Varadkar also held talks where divisive topics such as Brexit and abortion were discussed. The Taoiseach has since stated that he is planning on holding a referendum on the controversial Eighth Amendment in the beginning of 2018. The Eighth Amendment was passed in 1983 and effectively banned abortion by giving unborn children equal rights to life as its mother.

This is not the first time that Leo Varadkar has met the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. The pair first met in July of this year when Trudeau paid a national visit to Ireland.
Well, I don't know about you but it can't get butter than seeing Justin Trudeau in dairy form cuddling some pandas...