Carrie Underwood's husband hilariously trolled her with this throwback picture on her 35th birthday

Carrie Underwood's husband hilariously trolled her with this throwback picture on her 35th birthday

American country singer Carrie Underwood hasn't stopped breaking records since she rose to fame after winning the fourth season of American Idol back in 2005. The Oklahoma native has gone on to win seven Grammy awards and sell more than 65 million records worldwide making her "the female vocalist of her generation of any genre", according to Rolling Stone magazine.

But aside from being an incredibly talented artist, it's apparent that Carrie Underwood is winning in other walks of life too. She has been married to the hockey player, Mike Fisher, for seven years and together they have one adorable son, Isaiah. But while Carrie and Mike can certainly be all saccharine-sweet from time to time, like all of the best couples, they have a knack for roasting the s**t out of each other.

Case in point: it was Carrie's 35th birthday on the 10th of March, and instead of posting a heartfelt, emotional tribute to his wife, Mike took to Instagram to post a throwback photo of Carrie on American Idol with some seriously questionable hair.

Mike Fisher commemorated his wife's birthday in a super silly but sweet way. Instead of posting the conventional lovey-dovey tribute, he wrote "Happy birthday to an incredible wife and an amazing mom with killer hair! All kidding aside you’re a blessing to Izzy and I everyday! Love you @carrieunderwood," on his Instagram account, and the accompanying photograph is just hilarious.

Obviously, Carrie found the entire thing highly entertaining. "You just can't let some things go, can ya? Hey, you marry a girl from the South, you get a lifetime subscription to Elnett... mmmkay?" she commented. Hey, a couple who roasts together, stays together - right?
Back in November, the singer's fans had cause for concern when Carrie took a nasty fall on the steps outside her home. This resulted in her being hospitalised with a broken wrist, among other injuries.

The singer eventually had surgery for her wrist, and took to Twitter to joke that she would be "be setting off airport metal detectors from now on". 

While she has been relatively quiet about the injuries she sustained, Carrie recently took to Instagram to post an update which showed an X-ray scan of the metal plate and screws in her wrist.

"Last check up on the old wrist this morning," she wrote. "Thanks, Dr. Wurth and my [physical therapy] angel, Renee, a.k.a "Bulldog" for fixing me up! I'm good to go!"

In January of this year, the country singer warned her fans that she's "not quite looking the same" since she injured her face in the fall, and required 40 to 50 stitches. However, in a photo taken by a fan in December, Carrie looked practically the same, aside from her bandaged wrist. In fact, the fan in question asserted that she looked "amazing".

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