Cash Me Outside girl's father believes she is being exploited by rappers

Cash Me Outside girl's father believes she is being exploited by rappers

The sexualization of children is a disgusting but increasingly normalized activity in the music industry. Atlantic Records has signed Danielle Bregoli, the Cash Me Outside girl, at the age of 14. Now, her father, Ira Peskowitz, has come forward with troubling thoughts about the roles that two rappers, Kodak Black and NBA Youngboy, have played in her life.

Peskowitz said:

"Why would her mother allow her to hang out with a guy so violent like Kodak Black, even the crimes he committed against others.

"He’s the one who Skyped with Danielle and talked to her, telling her how to have sex with a guy who was coming over. People watch that, and they're making money off of it.

"The biggest fear obviously is, besides her psychological and emotional well-being from being around these people and being exposed to their drugs, their cursing, their sex, I’m really concerned about retaliation. Of possible drive-bys, possible violence.

"Her safety is number one and her emotional well-being is number two."

Kodak Black has been sentenced to five year's probation on charges of sexual assault. NBA Youngboy has been charged with attempted first-degree murder.

Peskowitz lamented:

"It’s going to take a long time for Danielle to become a child again, if that ever happens".

Of course, it's obviously never going to happen. A white child has secured a rap recording contract for cussing out her mother on national television, and is cultivating a sexualized 'bad girl' image with the sanction of most of the adults in her life. If there is any lesson here, it is only of the unscrupulous mediocrity of record labels like Atlantic, who would sign someone like Bregoli knowing that money will follow, and for no other purpose.

Of course it's a defamation of the art form, and borderline pedophilia to market and portray her the way they are doing. Any adult in her life would have to plainly see that she is not in this for the long game, particularly now that she is under probation for grand theft auto and marijuana charges.

Peskowitz also said in July, when Bregoli plead guilty to these offenses:

"My daughter is being exploited. She posts 24-7. It’s controlled by an alleged management team that promotes absurd behavior for a 14-year-old child."

Here's the sad part: she actually raps kind of well. The problem with contemporary rap is that it is too easy. I'm sure she has a ghostwriter, but the standard trap music rap flow is insanely easy to replicate, so literally anyone who is famous can do it. Someone hands her lyrics, she recites them just like every other rapper in the game, and it's mediocre and standard enough to 'work'.

But she is a child. She is famous for life now, and we will be seeing her, and she will be profiting, for what? And to what end? A massive drug-fueled burnout, most likely. An absolute disaster. And Atlantic Records doesn't care. They will exhaust her for money and throw her away when the next viral sensation comes along and Bregoli is old news. So, pretty much after one album.

Enjoy it while it lasts. Because it certainly will not.