Child protective services are looking into the case of 10-month-old Dream Kardashian

Child protective services are looking into the case of 10-month-old Dream Kardashian

Can we all agree that Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are less-than-exemplary humans? Rob leaked nude photos of his child's mother, proving he's a nut, and Chyna is a cynical opportunist constantly working on her own brand, to the detriment of everyone around here.

The worst elements of Los Angeles and media culture amount to these two - a couple that was obviously doomed from the start. And now it's just a shame that a child is involved in their doom.

The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services has sought the aid of a judge in determining whether or not Chyna and Rob are unfit to hold custody of their child Dream Kardashian, 10 months old.

An investigation has been opened into Black Chyna's reported drug use, which would definitely make her a pretty terrible parent. This is what Rob Kardashian alleged during his two-day screed against her, but was lost in the hysteria and malice of his social media presence at the time. Is it believable that Black Chyna is an alleged selfish cocaine addict who can't take care of her daughter? Yeah, I'd say so. And it's also believable that a man who would marry a drug addict and lie to himself day after die out of his own weakness would also be a bad father.

Family law expert David Pissara explains that it's unlikely that both Rob and Chyna will lose custody of Dream:

“Neither of Rob or Chyna is going to lose their kid, to a foster care facility in any situation. Even if Chyna was doing lots of drugs, DCFS would take away the kid and give her to the next competent parent. If they determined that Rob was also abusive or not fit to parent for whatever reason, then Dream would go to Kris Jenner, or Kim or whomever was deemed most responsible family member. But that is highly unlikely to happen."

The coverage of Rob and Chyna's custody battle is remarkably positive, rooting for two parents and saying how happy Dream looks as a child. Yet, this seems pretty naive. Of all the heartbreak and custody battles and terrible situations in the world, why do these two deserve our sympathy? Of course, Dream will be fine, as she already likely has a multi-million dollar trust fund.

Granted, a bad upbringing is her biggest threat, but few outlets seem concerned about that. Apparently, growing up in the media spotlight with a crazy dad and a conniving mom is going to work out just fine for young Dream. Unlikely.

If Black Chyna is found to be a drug addict, then Dream will go to Rob.

One of them will retain custody over her, as she grows up faster than ever into a media empire that her pre-birth consciousness could never have fathomed. Is she lucky for it or cursed?

The fact that Black Chyna and Rob Kardashian garner so many clicks and so much attention is itself worrying, as I could say in another generic declaration of distaste against celebrity self-marketing genius.

Like Donald Trump, hate-clicking or curiosity of a dumpster fire inspires plenty of opportunity for weirdos to become the most powerful people in society. This is what comes of it.